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Eyebrow Tutorial

If eyes are the windows to your soul, then eyebrows are the frames!

I’ve been getting asked to do a brow tutorial for some time now and I’ve finally done one! I’m still new to this tutorial filming thing, so I’m sorry about the times when lighting is a bit off… hopefully you can still get the gist!

This is how I do my eyebrows, it’s the result of years of practicing, honing my technique and trying new ways and products. Even just looking at pictures of me from a year ago, I can see how much my eyebrows have changed and how much better I am at doing them now.

In this tutorial, I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Granite but the technique can be achieved with other brow products. The only thing that might be harder with a pencil or shadow is getting the fine lines that I do to create fullness in the middle.

I talk about the benefit of having a thin synthetic angled brush to apply the product with. I use the Manicare Angled Brush which is stocked in New Zealand and Australia but there are a few brushes on that also look like they would be perfect.

The other products used were Benefit Cosmetics High Brow highlighting pencil and my regular foundation (MAC Matchmaster) for cleaning up the edges.

One of the most important tips I think when filling in your brows is to aim for softness. So that means that there are no hard angles or corners, especially around the arch. Also create softness by blending the middle outwards and even drawing on extra hairs if needed as demonstrated in the video. By doing this, it creates a more natural and softer look.

Any questions, let me know!


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    • I don’t think skin tone is the first thing to look at when choosing a colour for eyebrows as its more about your hair colour. I don’t have any products from farmers for brows sorry but there are some great products on including the Dipbrow Pomade

  1. Thank you so much! I have a shorter brow on the left side and I feel like I battle my brows every time I apply my makeup. I cant wait to try your techniques. I love the way you extended your shorter brow and I think another mistake I was making was starting on the top of my brows and working my way down which always made the tails uneven. Is that brow gel you used long lasting or maybe water proof? I use a powder and it seems to wear off easily and gets nicked and smudged too. This was really helpful, great job on the video!

  2. Thank you so much for this tutorial !
    I follow you on Instagram every day but it’s the first time i’ve come to read your blog.
    actually i like less thick eyebrows better but i’ll remember the technique.
    by the way, i love your voice, it was so nice to see you “alive”.
    merci beaucoup from France !

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