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The Gigi Jumpsuit by Miss Candyfloss

I’ve said it before… pants can terrify me. You know what terrifies me even more? Jumpsuits. Being quite pear shaped, they scare me because of the likelihood that they won’t even remotely fit well.

However, despite being all this, I still couldn’t help but want to try the Gigi Jumpsuit when it was previewed by Miss Candyfloss. The ultra-wide leg gave me hope that potentially the jumpsuit could actually fit me in the bust and waist and… *gasp*… my thighs and butt! What a miracle that would be!

Miss CandyFloss

I was sent a size small from the team at Miss Candyfloss and I was very worried about it fitting. I knew I probably should have been more like a medium but miraculously, after some wiggling and praying the vintage gods, I got it on, zipped it up and felt amazing in it!

Miss CandyFloss

The Gigi Jumpsuit features the trademark bust pleating that makes a appearance in a lot of different Miss Candyfloss designs. It has tulip sleeves, comes with a matching belt and has pockets at the front and back.

When looking at the size chart, my bust (measuring 36″) falls into the size Medium, waist (measuring 27.5″) falls into the size Small and hips (measuring 42″) into the size Large. So having a size small in this particular item was definitely a gamble! The front of the jumpsuit has a zip and getting my hips into it was a wee bit of a squeeze and I was a touch worried I was going to bust the zip. However with some careful shimmying, I managed to get over and zip it up.

Miss CandyFloss

It’s very fitted around the waist, bust and abdomen which is lovely for a change- usually in a scenario like this where I have to accommodate my hip size, the bust and waist can be far too baggy!
Through the hips and upper thighs, once again the Gigi Jumpsuit fits well however all in all, I think a size medium would have been better as it would have given me a little more room. A bigger size could also mean that my thighs wouldn’t have stretched out the lovely pleating so much.

Miss CandyFloss

The Gigi Jumpsuit is a cotton blend and is very comfortable. Wear it in a casual way day-to-day or dress it up for night out! I choose to really bring in the 40s bomb girls vibe by pairing it with a faux leather belt and tan shoes.

Miss CandyFloss

This gorgeous green colour has already sold out (but it’s being restocked soon!) however there is the Petrol colour still on the website. The Gigi Jumpsuit retails for €107.50 and comes in plus sizes which is awesome!

If you’d prefer a skinny leg jumpsuit, check out the Dinah-Gia  or if just pants are more your thing, try the Katharine Hepburn Wide Pants.

Miss CandyFloss

Thank you to Elizabeth J Photography for such beautiful photos captured at MOTAT Museum. I’m a bit sad that this is the last post from our shoot at MOTAT as it was such a dream location but perhaps we can go back sometime!


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Disclaimer: Whilst this item was gifted to me, I never accept anything that I do not truly love and all opinions expressed are honest and my own. The integrity and honesty of my blog is very important to me as are my readers 

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    • The length was fine but it was definitely fitted around my butt! I think a Medium would have helped with this 🙂

  1. I know I can’t for you since it’s actually your body in the jumpsuit, but I think you look absolutely fantastic! You shouldn’t have ANY insecurities about how you may look! Brava!

  2. You look incredible! You wouldn’t know it was slightly too small, honestly. So as long as you can live with that you should wear it all the time because the colour and shape is so fab on you x

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