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B.A.I.T. Footwear Roberta Heels

When the weather started cooling down at the start of winter a few months ago, I looked at my shoe collection and realised there was a serious lack of darker colours. I love my bright shoes but in winter, you inevitably wear more darker tones which calls for shoes to match.

My go-to website for cute retro style shoes is of course B.A.I.T. Footwear and I looked for a low heeled plain black style that I knew I could wear all day at work and that would be very versatile. I was tossing up between the Roberta Heel  and the Heda Heel but since the Roberta was slightly lower I went with them.

Roberta Heels

The Roberta have a very traditional 1940s feel to them and have proved to be wonderful with such styled outfits. The low heel (2 3/8″) makes them comfortable to be in all day and they are wider than other B.A.I.T. Footwear styles.

I went with what seems to be my usual (ish) size in B.A.I.T. Footwear (with the exception of the Ida/Ione or any  other pointy styles), a 8.5. The size is spot on and I love that they are wider in the toe area.

Roberta Heels

These shoes I think could have had the tendancy to rub the back of my heel while wearing them in but thankfully I wear pantyhose all through winter so this was minimized. They are now completely broken in and become one of my most worn pairs.

Once I knew how much I loved this style, I decided to get the tan ones too. Tan is a great neautral shoe colour, it can go with a lot of different colours and prints. At first I was a little worried I wouldn’t have much to go with them but I’ve since worn them a lot and I’ve now got my eye on the green too.

Roberta Heels

Just as a note of comparison, I recently decided to try the Heda style after all and went with the 8.5 once again. Unfortunately because they have a pointier shaped toe, similar to the Ida, the 8.5 is too small. I would definitely recommend sizing up half a size in the Heda style.

Roberta Heels

I adore the Roberta Heels for their 1940s style, comfort (especially around the toes) and versatility. All colours are US$68 come in sizes 6-10 with half sizes except for 9.5. I would keep a eye out for potentially a upcoming Black Friday sale from BAIT- last year they had 30% off!


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  1. I love there style but they seem a bit stiff. Do they soften with use? Are they comfortable shoe? I love the Ida but I fear they will hurt.

  2. Miss Victory Violet I recently discovered your blog/site and fell in love with it. However I have foot problems and can really only wear flats or very low heel that could fit an orthodontic. Any ideas?

    • Thank you Whitney 🙂 Hmmmm there’s not really any specially retro shoe brands that are good for that… You could try buying some cheap ballet flats in half a size too big so you can fit a insole? Find some bright colours and you could jazz them up with shoe clips

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