A-Z November Round-Up!

Art work of the month…
This awesome piece by @sheardo on Instagram of Matt and I!


Before and After of the month…
I had sooooo many good ones to choose from but I absolutely loved this cut and colour I did on Gemma.


Couldn’t live without…
My oh-s0 dapper husband, he really is such a sweetheart. 

Miss Victory Violet

Dancing to…
‘Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree’- it’s always been a favourite of mine, especially The Andrews Sisters version and it’s been in my head after hearing it performed by The Glenn Miller Orchestra and on ‘Land Girls’.

Excited about…
Why, Christmas of course! only 24 sleeps to go!


Find of the month…
I’m trying to collect up a range of coloured bead necklaces and I found these for $9 at the Kulture Shock stall at Atomic Markets!


Grateful for…
Having so many amazing friends in the pinup community!


Tony McKay Photography

Hair tip of the month…
If you have bleach on scalp or are overly sensitive to hair colour, don’t wash your hair for a few days before your appointment. The natural oils will act as a barrier and reduce itching and irritation.


Inspirational Instagram feed…
Whenever I feel like some vintage hair inspiration, I love checking out Miss Rockabilly Ruby’s feed. She so talented and seems like such a sweetie!

FullSizeRender (3)

Just what the doctor ordered…
A random mid-week day off, reading my book in the sunshine.


Keep thinking about…
This gorgeous Collectif Dress that I tried on in Rita Sue Clothing. It’s so incredibly beautiful in person, the floral tulle overlay is so stunning but alas the bust/sleeves just don’t fit me right. I hope this fabric is bought out again in a new style!


Lesson of the month…
Negativity can destroy you, don’t let it!

lesson of the month

Makeup product of the month…
Benefit Cosmetics ‘Watt’s Up!’Highlighter. It gives such illuminated glow while still being light enough for pale skin.


Natural selfie…


Outfit of the month…
I’ve got a new obsession- Black with baby pink!

Unique Vintage Dress, BAIT Footwear Shoes, Vivien of Holloway Petticoat, Deer Arrow Brooch and Vintage Belt/Hairscarf

Unique Vintage Dress, BAIT Footwear Shoes, Vivien of Holloway Petticoat, Deer Arrow Brooch and Vintage Belt/Hairscarf

Pampering myself with…
I was given a LUSH gift box by a client and OHMYGOODNESS the Twilight shower gel is the most delicious thing I’ve ever smelt!


Quote of the month…


Reality check…
The attack on Paris was so tragic and it’s really opened my eyes to how so many automatically group people together and put the blame on a religion. The difference of the reactions to this incident compared to mass shootings by white men in the USA is huge and goes to show how rife racism really is.
Hate is never the answer.

download (3)

Shoe obsession…
Forever searching for purple shoes (why is there such a lack of them?), I bought these $16.99 heels on eBay and crossing my fingers they fit!

Shoe Obsession

Top viewed blog post of the month…
Everyone loves a sale! This month, my Black Friday post had the most views


Uplifting moment…
The final Pinup Bootcamp of the year, it’s always such a fun day and a honour to get to see the ladies transform and gain confidence throughout the day!

Pinup Bootcamp

Vintage hair inspiration…
Those curls!

Vintage Hair

Watching on Netflix…
Land Girls, making me want to try some Dungarees!


X marks the spot…
The travel bug is strong! I’d love to check out these 10 Cotswold Villages in Britain


Yearning for…
Time away on our boat in just a few weeks!

Yearnring For

Zero self control…
During the Black Friday sales… every year I tell myself I won’t go too crazy but I’ve got a few packages on their way to me!


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