Black Friday Shoe Haul- Bulk Review!

I went a little nuts on Black Friday and ordered way more than I should have. I ended up getting 6 pairs of shoes from various stores and since online shoe shopping can be a little hit and miss, I thought I’d share how each pair fits.

Firstly, I ordered two pairs from ModCloth. I’m not a regular shopper on ModCloth, frankly the sheer amount of items listed puts me off a little as I can’t be bothered trawling through so much stuff! However, my friend Wendy and I both wanted a MAK cropped cardigan so I had a look through the rest of the 40% off sale section and ordered these two pairs of shoes as well

Can You Bow-lieve It? Heel in Emerald
US$49.99 ($34.99 on sale)

FullSizeRender (10)

I couldn’t pass up these cute low-heeled emerald shoes! The colour hasn’t shown up very well in my photos but they are a perfect jewelled tone emerald.
I erred on the side of caution with sizing, I seem to be either a 8.5 or a 9 so I went with a 9. They are a teeny bit too big but I just added a suede heel grip and that makes them fit much better. The faux-suede is quite stiff so I’m glad for the extra room but they are quite comfortable to wear especially since the heel isn’t too high.

The Zest Is History Heel in Glittery Gold
US$44.99 ($26.99 on sale)

FullSizeRender (11)

I’ve looked at this style on the ModCloth website before but wasn’t sure about the heel height. Since they were on sale, I thought I’d take the plunge as I have a few outfits that could use a gold heel. Once again, I went with a size 9 and they are a great fit. I think they could have been a little big if it wasn’t for the T-Bar but that’s the good thing about heels with straps. I love the cute tear-drop cut out details and that there is a small platform to help reduce the height. I find the sides cut into my foot a little but I’m hoping that will stretch out with wear.
The heel height is too much to wear to work but they are certainly great party shoes!

Onto Pinup Girl Clothing! These are both styles I’ve been wanting to order for some time but was waiting to get them in a sale.

Bettie Pink Satin Heel
US$56 ($39.20 on sale)

FullSizeRender (15)

I’ve been wanting these shoes since I wore them on the Pinup Girl Clothing shoot back in March. I remembered that I had worn a size 9 so that’s what I went for. The Bettie has a cute bow detail and is pretty comfortable for a heel of such height. My only issue is that ankle strap which crosses over at the back and buckles up, isn’t really accommodating to those of us with larger ankles.
I have to struggle quite a bit to get them buckled up and am going to try creating a new hole but unfortunately there is not much excess length on the strap to create one. It would be great if PUG could add another inch or two to the length so that these can work better with fuller figures.

Bettie Ankle Strap Peep Toe in Black
US$58 ($40.60 on sale)

FullSizeRender (13)

These look exactly the same as some red T.U.K shoes that I bought at Viva Las Vegas, and since I love the red ones so much, I thought I’d get this black Pinup Girl Clothing version. I went for the same size as my T.U.K ones, again a size 9 and upon receiving them, I can see no discernible difference apart from branding between my red T.U.K heels and these PUG ones.
I find this style super comfortable, the faux leather is quite soft and I love the ankle strap. The length on this strap is much better than the previous pink pair, although I still can only have it done up on the first hole. What makes these straps more comfortable than the previous is that the faux-leather is a little bit stretchy.

Of course, I couldn’t pass up a BAIT Footwear order for Black Friday!

The Holiday in Gold
US$69 ($48.30 on sale)

FullSizeRender (14)

I’d been eyeing these up on the BAIT website for some time, I love the cut out details and the medium stiletto heels. I *think* I have basically got the BAIT Footwear sizing worked out now- In anything that has a slightly pointed shaped toe like the Ida, Ione, Heda or Holiday, size up half a size. In anything that is more standard shaped toe and you can order your normal size.
So bearing this in mind, I ordered half a size up with the Holiday and got a 9 (I’m usually a 8.5 in standard BAIT styles). I am very glad I did as they fit quite narrow. I’m going to stretch these out the same way that I stretch out the Ida- by wearing them with thick socks for a hour or two. Once I’ve broken them in, I think they will be super comfortable!

The Robbie in Black
US$68 ($47.60)

FullSizeRender (12)

Since I only have one pair of low heeled black shoes that are suitable for work, I wanted to get the patent Robbie to add another style into the mix. I already own the Robbie in Nude but when I’d bought the Nude a few months back, I was still working out the sizing. I had ordered the 9 which were half a size too big so I had to add a insole and a heel grip. So, I bought the 8.5 Black Robbie.
This size is definitely much better but I find they cut into the sides of my feet a little more and will need stretching out. The Robbies are a great work shoe with their chunky low heel.

A pinup can never have too many shoes… well, that’s what I’ll keep telling myself anyway!

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  1. I always struggle with finding appropriate shoes that are not ballet pumps and was thinking just the other day that no one ever reviews pin up (day appropriate) footwear, keep the footwear posts comming I say x

  2. I have a burgundy version of The Zest Is History shoe, they aren’t real leather so they won’t stretch out without a fight. They cut into the outsides of my feet as well. I have a wider foot. I had to put on the thickest pair of socks I had, walk around the house a lot in them, and I took a blow dryer and super heated the sides of the shoe while I stood in them with the thick socks. After about 30 mins on each side the man made material stretched out and I wore them as they cooled. I thought this would do it but the man made material needs more convincing and I still can’t wear the shoe. It will need another session or two. I am bummed cuz the shoe is super cute but this manufacturer runs small. If I were you, I’d return them and get your money back. This shoe won’t really stretch and it’s too painful to wear for long. Half way through the party you’ll be in agony. Trust me, I made the mistake of being lazy and not returning and wish I had. 🙁

  3. All you need to do with your pink Bettie heels is have your seamstress cut the straps at the back where they cross and add matching elastic. It can be done in such a small area that no one will notice and you won’t have to worry about adding another hole and possibly ruining your straps. You will have a bit of added length and some stretch for comfort. Hope this works for you!

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