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Petticoats are for me, a essential part of a outfit if it’s a gathered or swing style. Earlier in the year I featured a comprehensive review of all the different types of petticoats I’ve tried and today I want to talk about the stiffened underskirt by CurvyCouture by Judy Dee.

Judy is a New Zealand designer and is the mastermind behind the bulk of Tami Neilson’s sparkly stage outfits, my second wedding dress and the gown I wore in the Miss Pinup New Zealand 2014 competition.

I modelled for Judy in the fashion show a few weeks back at The Atomic Markets and got to wear one of her magical underskirts. I was so impressed by how effective it was and I knew it would be a great option for those of you that live in hot climates but still want fullness.

Miss Victory Violet
Left: No underskirt. Right: CurvyCouture underskirt

I choose the Pinup Girl Clothing Molly Dress to help show the difference between having nothing underneath and having the underskirt on. The Molly Dress can have a tendency to be a little bit see-though which is why this white underskirt is perfect.
Also, because the Molly Dress is quite long, you can end up with that awkward overhang if your petticoat is too short. The great thing about this underskirt is that even if it’s a bit shorter than the hem of your dress, it doesn’t seem to create that overhang.

Miss Victory Violet

Miss Victory Violet

The underskirt has 2 layers of extra stiff nylon knit, lined with cotton poplin and with a adjustable waistband. They are readymade in white and black and usually 25″ long but they can be custom-made in other colours and lengths.
The waist band is elasticised with a button closure with a slit below to help get it on and off. I’m wearing the size small which sits on my lower waist and isn’t too snug so it’s very comfortable.

Miss Victory Violet

I still love to wear poofy petticoats, especially when looking to add a contrasting colour to my outfit but this is a great option to have. I think I will love it even more when summer really heats up and I’m wanting a cooler option instead of 3 layers of chiffon!

Miss Victory Violet
If you’d like to order a underskirt, they are NZ$105 and you can place your oder by emailing Judy – [email protected] I’ve had quite a few questions about this recent outfit too, once again you can order direct from Judy.


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