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Growing up as a child, blue was always my favourite colour- I wore it whenever I had the chance and always dreamt of painting my bedroom wall blue. In recent years, I’ve discovered that I love ALL THE COLOURS and wear anything I think I can get away with, however sometimes I feel like there is a bit of a lack of blue in my wardrobe.
Miss Candyfloss has a gorgeous array of blue tones on their website (more than any other vintage repro site I’d say!) with lots of Navy, Petrol, Teal and this gorgeous Powder Blue.

Miss CandyFloss

Miss CandyFloss

The Lottie-Regina Dress caught my eye as she has similar detailing to the iconic Miss Candyfloss Vedette Dress but with a more open neckline. I also liked that the colour was something that I definitely didn’t already have!

Made of the usual poly/viscose blend that a lot of Miss Candyfloss are made out of, the Lottie-Regina is soft and light and thankfully doesn’t wrinkle too easily!

Miss CandyFloss
Miss CandyFloss

Featuring a 40’s style neckline, front pockets subtle puff sleeves, pleating along the bust, matching belt and belt loops, pockets and a hidden zip. What I adore most about all these details is that they turn what could otherwise have been a plain blue dress into something truly gorgeous.

I chose to accessorise with white to keep it clean and simple and so therefore opted to add my own white belt instead of the matching one. I like how the contrasting belt highlights the belt loops and ensures the white accessories are tied in perfectly.

missMiss CandyFlosscandy3

Miss CandyFloss
I find that with Miss Candyfloss, it is safest for me to go with a size medium. In some items, I could probably go for a small, but the risk of the arms or bust being too tight is fairly high. This dress fits really beautifully while still with a little bit of room and there’s no problems with the sleeves.
The skirt is a 3/4 swing skirt and a great length- not too long, not too short and I can easily fit my light blue Vivien of Holloway petticoat underneath.

Miss CandyFloss

Miss CandyFloss

I’ve had a few ladies who haven’t purchased from Miss Candyfloss ask about the quality. I should point out that whilst the majority of these dress are made from synthetic material and unlined, I still find the quality and construction to be spot on. I’m also a believer in paying more for a unique design- why buy a dress that every vintage reproduction company has done a version of? I’d rather buy something like the Lottie-Regina that has unique details such as the pleats on the bust and the belt loops.
It’s also reassuring that to know that all Miss Candyfloss items are made ethically in Europe.

The Lottie-Regina is €100 and comes in size small to 5XL. It also comes in a pink and a red AND there is also the Verity-May Dress which is very similar looking except for slightly puffier sleeves and no belt loops.

Full Outfit Details
Belt- Pinup Girl Clothing
Hat, Gloves and Handbag- Vintage
Shoes- Miss L Fire
Petticoat- Vivien of Holloway
Necklace- Your One Stop Pinup Shop
Seamed Stockings- What Katie Did

Thank you as always to Elizabeth J Photography for the stunning set of photos. These were taken out at Abbeville Estate which is near Auckland Airport and where I got married! I knew the veranda of the Homestead would be perfect for this dress!


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Disclaimer: Whilst this dress was gifted to me, I never accept anything that I do not truly love and all opinions expressed are honest and my own. The integrity and honesty of my blog is very important to me as are my readers 

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  1. Lovely. You make the world wish for this style to make a big comeback. The hair , the curves , the style. You really pull it all together♡♡♡♡♡

  2. Hey, beautiful.

    I’m a fella, and my gal loves vintage fashion as much as you do. She’s spent most of my cash on dresses…not that I mind. 😉 I wanted to ask you where she could find gloves to go with her dresses. Recommendations please, ideally online. (I live in Hawaii)


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