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Berry Red Lips with MAC

I’ll be the first to admit, I have a lot of red lipsticks. I even go so far as to have double-ups of my favourites MAC ‘Russian Red’ and Natio ‘Rush’ so I’m guaranteed to be able to find one when I want it.

Despite this, sometimes you just want a new colour to add to your arsenal and when I popped into the MAC counter in Newmarket last week I had a browse over all the pretty lipsticks. ‘D For Danger’ rich berry red caught my eye especially since I’d recently discovered how striking a pinkier red can be.
My friend Wendy works for L’Oreal and last month gave me a few things to try including the Maybelline 14hr Lipstick in ‘Enduring Ruby’.
‘D For Danger’ is very similar to the Maybelline one but since I found the Maybelline one to be a touch too drying, I thought this would still be a welcome addition to my lipstick stash.

MAC Berry Red

Since I prefer to use a lipliner before applying lippy, I also bought a matching pencil in ‘Beet’. This also means that when I do apply the lipstick, it’s a true representation of the colour. If you want to change the shade slightly, you could use either a purple or red liner underneath.

MAC Berry Red

As always, I start prepping my lips by applying foundation (you could use a light coat of concealer but I find liquid foundation works just fine) and dusting my lips with powder. This helps to keep the lipstick from bleeding or getting fuzzy around the edges and also increase longevity throughout the day.

MAC Berry Red

Next I draw the outline of my lip shape and fill it completely in. Once again, this helps with longevity but also making sure that the colour is even once lipstick is applied.
‘Beet’ Lip Pencil is a lovely colour on it’s own, ever so slightly pinkier than the lipstick. It takes quite a bit of work to build up the colour, you do really need to drag it across your lips BUT this means it’s a great matte base for the lipstick.
If you have quite dry lips, this could be a little hard or irritating for you so try to exfoliate off as much loose skin as possible beforehand using either a LUSH lip scrub or even a simple baking soda paste.

MAC Berry Red

To finish it off, the alluring shade of ‘D For Danger’! I just adore this colour and I’m even happier that it’s part of MAC’s matte range. There’s a few shades within their collection that I love but can’t stand shimmering lipsticks or anything too super glossy as they just don’t have the lasting power.
Whilst ‘D For Danger’ is matte, it goes on very smoothly unlike ‘Ruby Woo’ which I always found so hard to apply. The colour is matte, but not to the point of looking cakey.

MAC Berry Red

I asked my husband what he thought of the colour – his response was ‘it’s nice, a darker red than normal’. I guess I can’t expect him to fully see the difference in tones but it was a interesting comment about the darkness of the colour. I looked back in the mirror as I hadn’t felt that way before he made that comment. I can see why he said it, the purple/pinky undertones do appear slightly darker than if it’s a true red. Cooler colours always tend to look darker than warm tones- something I remind clients of when they are thinking of changing their hair colour to a more ashy tone.
Nevertheless, the ‘darkness’ doesn’t bother me!

MAC Berry Red

I recommend this 3 step process with any lipstick to ensure you get the best out of not only the colour but wear through the day.

MAC Berry Red

It’s fun to branch out to a different colour, even if it’s just a variation of one of your favourites. I think lipsticks have to be my favourite makeup product to buy because they last for AGES, making the purchase seem much better value, and that a good lipstick that suits your skin tone can be so transforming.

I’m definitely going to be buying a few more shades when we are over in the USA in April since MAC is so cheap there compared to New Zealand!


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  1. What a gorgeous shade!! A lot of gals have bought the Dita lipstick but I don’t know if that color is for me. It is described as tomato red, which I don’t feel is flattering on me but it looks beautiful on many ladies. I love berry tones, so pretty. Will give this a try next visit to MAC counter/store.

    • I agree with everything you wrote. I was waiting for the Dita lipstick to the point that I set my alarm at midnight, until I read that it was a tomato read- BIG NO NO!!!

    • Maybelline Red Revival is a terrific alternative to Russian Red (I’ve seen Dita herself recommend it), although I’d suggest applying it the way Miss Violet describes, because it’s not quite as lasting as MAC, although also less drying. Another great drugstore line are the matte Rimmel ones by Kate Moss – there are some nice pinky red shades very similar to D for Danger! (Source: I own all these lipsticks 🙂

  2. I’m in the market to expand my reds collection to include some with more of a berry hue so this looks perfect. Another I am thinking of trying is Besame’s American Beauty. Time to treat myself with some new makeup for 2016.

    • I’d love to try some more Besame! Hopefully this time when we are in Burbank, the store will be open… I also really want to try some of their perfumes

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