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DIY Custom Colour Brow Pomade

When I decided that I wanted to go copper, one of the first things I thought about was my eyebrows! I love the look of matching eyebrows, especially with reds and coppers – it just makes sense to me!

After some googling however, I found out that there’s not much on offer for gingers. I asked some of my copper headed friends and most of them loved the Gingerella Ultra Brow Powder which is for sale on Pinup Girl Clothing.

I have really grown to love using a brow pomade so I decided I would try to make my own custom mix.
Firstly bought a Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Auburn as a base, luckily a friend was selling one for half the retail price as it was too dark for her. I still wanted some depth and definition so this medium brown colour seemed like the best option. The pictures on the website make Auburn look like it has a red-ness to it, but it’s definitely a brown.

Next I needed a product with a similar consistency in orange. I thought about ordering the Waterproof Creme Colour from Anastasia Beverly Hills but since the exchange rate is so bad for us New Zealanders at the moment, I decided on the cheaper and easier option of going to my local MAC Pro store and buying their Genuine Orange Chromaline Gel Pot. I know technically it’s a gel eyeliner, but it’s waterproof, dries matte and can do the same job.

So now to create the mix! You’ll need some empty makeup pots (I bought the stackable ones from MAC) and something to mix the colour on. I used my Kryolan spatula and plate as a flat surface is much easier to mix these products together.

DIY Brow Pomade

Firstly, I removed the last remaining remanants of the Dipbrow Pomade in Ebony- I’ve used it everyday since March last year so it’s lasted incredibly well. I transferred it into the MAC container (I might need it one day for a makeup application) and cleaned out the ABH tub so that I could use that for the new colour.


Next I scooped out some of the two colours, around the same amount each to start and started mixing. I tested the colour on the back of my hand before adding more of the orange.


I ended up using nearly all of the orange colour and just over half of the Auburn- I probably should have started in smaller quantities!


I transferred the new colour into the pot ready for use.


The Fluidline is not as thick as the Dipbrow Pomade so the final mixture is much more creamy in consistency. I played around with mixing a small amount of translucent powder to thicken it up but that didn’t work so great. However, now that I’ve used it a few times, the creamy texture isn’t a problem and it dries very matte.

Now I’ve already done a full tutorial on YouTube which you can watch for application pointers. I’m still using the same technique but also using a little bit of the Auburn by itself to fill in gaps.

Here’s a brief run-down on what I’m now doing.
I should mention too that I have tinted my brows- I didn’t want them super bright, so I used a medium copper brown colour. It’s quite feint (it definitely doesn’t seem to show up in these photos but I think I also have some powder on them from doing my foundation) but my natural colour is a darker ash brown so I needed to lift them up a little.


I start by filling it the entire brow with my custom mixture. Thanks to the Fluidline in it, I find it much better at actually taming my hairs than Dipbrow pomade on it’s own.


I use a brow brush to make sure every hair is in place and the product is blended.


Next, I fill in the gaps around the top  and bottom of my brow with some light strokes of the Auburn DipBrow Pomade. I also use the Auburn to draw my little filler strokes at the inner start of my brow like I do in the video.


Finally, I clean up the edges with a concealer brush


And apply a highlighter- my current favourite is a new Illuminating Highliger (Golden Glow) from Blac Cosmetics


The final result-


This is a great option for redheads but the mix will need to be altered depending on your shade. If you have more of a red-copper hue, try adding a little bit of a matte red lipstick into the mix, but be aware that red is a strong colour that will overtake other tones easily so just add a little at a time. I’d recommend testing out the colour first with a small amount, taking note of proportions and once you are happy, make a bigger batch.

With a slightly more creamy pomade such as this, ensure you have a good synthetic angled brow brush. I love my Manicare brand one which because it’s meant to be for either brows or eyeliner, comes to a fine tip.

Good luck for anyone wanting to make their own, feel free to ask me questions on colours!


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  1. Pure genius. I can also recommend as a natural redhead you try using a copper eyeshadow or eye pencil. I have found that most auburn products are too dark for my hair and most blond are too taupe for my hair. I usually use copper or orange eyeshadow powders and eyeliner pencils to get the right color.

  2. I love the idea of this. I’m naturally an orangey red head and I use the ABH dipbrow in auburn and I agree that its definitely more brown than auburn. Its a shame that the market is so limiting for gingers when it comes to brow products!

  3. This is amazing, I’m a fake ginger too and rescently bought the Anastasia dip brow in Auburn and was disapointed it was so dark. I might have to try this.

  4. I have purple pink hair at the moment and I absolutely love filling my eyebrows with purple eyeshadow. I was filling them in with a dark brown shade from my eyebrow kit but I wasn’t too happy with how they looked so I tried the purple and haven’t looked back.

  5. Love this ! Benefit browzings in medium as its red brown and MAC red brick or orange eyeshadow .going to try the fluidline for sure!

  6. I have natural auburn hair and I love Benefit Browzings in Light. But firstly I dye my eyebrows with Refecto Cil in Chestnut every two weeks because my eyebrow hairs are so fair. It gives the Browzings a good base from which to work.

  7. So pleased to see how you’re doing your brows now, thanks for sharing! I have much longer brow hairs which are a real pain to really cover lighter, and discovered when I went to the redhead side that MAC Browset in Girl/Boy was way way better color/coverage than the Anastasia dip pomade in auburn, for my more orange ginger (I blogged about it too since I was so excited, lol). Total ginger eyebrow game changer for me. It looks light brown in the bottle but over an auburn pencil or powder it’s great, applies with a mascara wand so the only trouble is getting it fine at the ends. I love your mix idea though, I may try that too! 🙂

  8. I’ve had to create my own too as a Copper-haired girl myself! I mix ABH “Caramel” with Inglot’s AMC Brow Liner Gel 13! Creates the perfect colour and consistency!

  9. I’m a natural strawberry blonde who enhances a bit with henna — anyway, I use the Anastasia pomade in the “caramel” color. It does have a red to it that matches my copper hair, but it only works if you are very light handed putting it on! Over applying just looks… brow. I might try this trick!

  10. as a natural copper top I have always struggled finding a good brow product that is close to my hair color , mac’s fluidline in redhead is an excellent match. I have also found that if you are just wanting color, alot of matte bronzer on the market work well. If you would like a temp dye mixing a CHEAP selftanner cream with powder bronzer will give you an light temp orange based color.

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