Wardrobe Inspiration: Patterned Skirt Colour Matching

I’m all about getting the most from my wardrobe and love thinking of new combinations to try out. For that very reason, I’ve found myself buying a lot more separates in the last year or so and especially love it when a skirt lends itself to multiple colour combinations.

I have 3 skirts in my wardrobe which I have worn a lot recently, all with different colours on top and so this post is hopefully going to serve as inspiration to re-look at your favourite patterned skirt and see what other colours (apart from perhaps the most obvious one) you could pair with it.

I’ve also been asked a few times if I ever wear the same thing twice… of course I do! This is a passion and I love all my pieces so of course want to wear them again!

The Jenny Skirt in Mary Blair Lips & Roses Print by Pinup Girl Clothing

I wasn’t that fussed on this skirt to start with, the idea of having ‘lips’ on it really seemed to put me off. Then I saw @pinupcortney on Instagram wearing it and I knew I had to have it. I am SO GLAD I bought it (unfortunately now it’s sold out except for a 4XL) because it is now one of my favourite skirts!

The light pink background with magenta, teal, mint, white and even a hint of burgundy in the print means you can pull out any of those colours to match with. As you can see, I really love the Peasant Top in Pink with the Mint Cropped Cardigan and magenta belt which came with my Vamp Dress but I was also pleasantly surprised at how well the deep wine red of my Emmy Ice Skater Cardigan also looked with it!

The Oblong Box Shop Puffer Fish Skirt

I adore this skirt! The bright colours, especially the kelly green make this one of my favourite skirts to pair bold tops with. Usually I’m not particularly keen on novelty prints but I don’t mind them when they are like this and more of a border along the bottom.

The Puffer Fish Skirt has purples, yellows, mint, orange and of course green. Because of the black background, it’s a little more versatile across the seasons- pair it with cardigans in winter and short sleeves tops in the summer.

If you’d like to read my full blog post on this skirt from a few months back, click here.

Vivien of Holloway Leopard Circle Skirt

I bought the Leopard Circle Skirt in the Vivien of Holloway Store when in London last April. Since then, it’s become one of my favourite skirt thanks to it’s versatility and gorgeous full circle shape.

This skirt has truly made me a believer of the phrase ‘leopard is a neutral colour’… it really is! I feel like I can wear just about any colour with this skirt. I’ve only done pink, red, black and blue but I think green, purple and even yellow would look wonderful.
Once you pick which colour to wear on top, try wearing a matching petticoat and shoes if you have them- all those fun little pops of colour really tie the whole look together.

The point of this post? Don’t be afraid to make bold choices, to put the least likely colour with a skirt- it might not always work but it will help you keep your wardrobe feeling fresh and interesting. I think the important thing to remember is if you decide to wear a less obvious colour with a skirt or dress, try to continue that colour with shoes or accessories to make sure it’s cohesive.

But most of all have fun! Which printed skirt have you got in your wardrobe that you are going to try a new colour combination with?


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  1. I got the Collectif Jasmine Woodland Bloom skirt for Christmas, and there are so many beautiful colours in it! It will definitely lend itself to creative colour matching, I really want to see how pale blue will look with it

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post – seeing how many different ways you can mix and match separates. It’s something that I need to do more of as I always tend to stick to the same combinations which doesn’t really maximise the use of my wardrobe!

    C xx

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