The Magenta Fatale Pencil Dress

I just LOVE the glamour and luxury that velvet can bring to a simple dress style. The feel of velvet, the usual stretch and comfort that comes with it and the way it reflects the light makes me a easy target for anything made out of this rich material.

Magenta Fatale

I’ve made no secret to my adoration for the Fatale Dress from The Pretty Dress Company. I reviewed their Gingham Fatale Swing Dress not long ago and had been wanting to try a pencil version but as usual had some trepidation around the sizing of wiggles styles.


Magenta Fatale

I am very pear shaped, my lower half often is 1 or 2 sizes bigger than my top half so more often than not, I have to size up in a wiggle dress to accommodate my derrière. I assumed I would need to do this with the Fatale Magenta Velvet Pencil Dress since my hips come under the size 14 on the size chart. However I was assured that there was plenty of stretch and my usual size 10 (which I’ve had for swing styles) would still be fine around my hips. I was still a touch unsure, but prayed it would be true since that would at least mean the top wouldn’t be too big.

Magenta Fatale

I was so happy that indeed it fits superbly and I don’t feel like I’m about to bust a seam. Not only does the velvet have stretch, but so does the lining which really helps.

The bust and waist fit really well and the stretch means added comfort. I found the non-stretch of the Gingham to be quite restricting in the arms and whilst this Velvet still limits big arm movements, it’s much more comfortable. Lets be honest though, with a dress such as this, you’d hope that the most movement you’ll be doing is lifting a cocktail glass and touching up your lipstick!


Magenta Fatale

The construction of the bodice is one of the main reasons I love the Fatale Dress, in both swing and wiggle styles. There is boning in the bust to keep it upright and prevent any wardrobe malfunctions which can sometimes be the case with off-the-shoulder styles. There’s just something so glorious about flaunting a bit of shoulder!

The Fatale Magenta Pencil Dress is part of The Pretty Dress Company’s collaboration with Immodesty Blaize, a incredible Burlesque performer. It comes in sizes 8-18, is £145 and there’s also a Red VelvetBlack Velvet, Green Velvet and *gasp* top of my lust-list, Teal Velvet.


Full Outfit Details
Earrings- Forever New
ShoesPinup Girl Clothing
Shapewear– Rago 2202 Longline Bra and Rago 6207 Briefer

A big big ‘thank you’ to Tony McKay Photography  for these wonderful shots and my last photoshoot with black hair. The dark hair will continue to make a appearance for a few weeks but I’m loving being a ginger!


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Disclaimer: Whilst this dress was gifted to me, I never accept anything that I do not truly love and all opinions expressed are honest and my own. The integrity and honesty of my blog is very important to me as are my readers 

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  1. I have the same problem with wiggle dresses. If they fit well on my waist, I can barely move in them. Because of my pear shape I mostly buy bengaline dresses since they stretch a lot, but I have a couple Pinup Couture dresses which were supposed to have room for my junk in the trunk, but sadly are quite the opposite. I can fit into them, but I wouldn’t dare to sit in them. 😀

    That dress is gorgeus on you and the colour is very beautiful.
    I’m not all that into wearing velvet although it looks so pretty on you and many others, but Pinup Couture has this midnight blue velvet gown that looks divine. I’d love to buy it, but I doubt I’ll be able to wear it anywhere so I’ll just keep admiring it online 🙂

  2. My God, you are so beautiful! I juste discovered your blog, and i find it very inspiring. I Love your pin-up style, and that dress is just amazing on you . Kisses from africa!

  3. I have the problem with my boobs not always fitting into a wiggle dress but have found the Pretty Dress Company to have a fair amount of stretch – which is fantastic news as I’m at the top of their size scales.

    I really love this dress but don’t have the slightest excuse to wear something so beautiful … sad sigh!

    C xx

  4. I am the same way, very pear shaped except when I am breastfeeding, so any shift or wiggle dresses tend to not fit my top and bottom halves. You look amazing in this color (and I can’t wait to see you blog some ginger hair — I found you via Instagram and your red hair looks SO good!) and cut, though!


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