Marc Darcy Herringbone Tweed Suit

Today I’ve got something a little bit different for you… As you know, I love to go out and get dressed up and what I love even more is when Matt is dressed up too.
I’m lucky that Matt generally enjoys putting together a outfit and has his own ideas and style. My favorite thing for him to wear is a waistcoat/pant combo along with a bow-tie… it makes me swoon! My interest in his clothing also stems from my 4 years working in a mens clothing store when I was a teen, so I can appreciate nice tailored-wear.

Marc Darcy Suits
We have both spent quite some time surfing the net trying to find a nice tweed style suit that doesn’t cost the earth (we found some BEAUTIFUL ones for over £2000!) and came across Marc Darcy Suits in the UK. Because I’m often asked from my female readers about where they can get their partners/husbands vintage style outfits, I thought it would be great to do a feature on it and Matt was good enough to oblige!

Marc Darcy Suits

This particular suit is the Tweed Herringbone Check Three Piece Suit in Tan. It’s a vintage style tonal check with contrasting faux suede accents at the pockets and lapel. Matt was particularly drawn to the light colour and loves that there is a subtle blue thread within the tweed so he could easily pair a light blue tie and pocket square.

Marc Darcy Suits

Marc Darcy

Whilst a traditional tweed is 100% wool (and why some we found were SO expensive), this Marc Darcy Suit is 70% polyester and 30% viscose. It’s a reasonably light suit which Matt appreciates (he’s always complaining of being too hot) but I guess some percentage of wool would have been good so the material breathed. However, that would then reflect in the price and we aren’t complaining about what we spent.

Marc Darcy Suits

Buying a suit online is probably pretty similar to a woman buying a bra online- the right fit is so important and it can be hard to know what it’s going to be like. Matt ended up needing to get the jacket altered significantly as he had erred on the side of caution and ordered a size up. He says that he probably should have just stuck to his actual measurements for a better fit without alterations. For reference he bought a size 48R but had to have it taken almost down one size so definitely needed a 46R.

Marc Darcy Suits

Both Matt and I’s favourite detail of the suit is the contrasting accents. It really adds a more vintage feel to the suit and Matt loved it so much that he went to a local leather shop and had them make a cheesecutter hat and bow tie in a matching suede. Because of the different browns in the tweed, you could still wear a darker brown than the tan accents but I would just make sure that all your accessories (belt, shoes, tie etc) are the same brown.

Marc Darcy Suits

Marc Darcy

For a three piece suit, we both thought £149.99 was a really reasonable price considering you could pay a similar amount here in New Zealand for something with a lot less character and style.
The only thing that Matt would have liked different was for instead of the waistcoat having two size adjusters on the side, to just have one at the center of the back instead.

This suit goes from a size 34R to a 52R and comes with a corresponding pant size although you can request a different pant size if needed during check-out. There’s lots of of other gorgeous suits on the Marc Darcy website, including two other colourways of this particular one. My other favourite is the Carlton Heritage Tweed Three Piece Suit in either the brown or the blue.

Also, if budgets are tight, you can buy the waistcoat and pants separately (because let’s be honest, there’s not as many occasions when you need a jacket) which is about half the cost of buying the 3 piece set.

Marc Darcy Suits

Thank you to Elizabeth J Photography for taking these lovely photos of my handsome husband. We took them out at Glenbrook Vintage Railway one hot Sunday and Matt was taking his jacket off at every chance he got… but the photos made it all worth it!


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  1. What a Hubba Hubba hubby. Wish I could get mine in suits. My husband where’s one twice a year for school graduation (he’s a teacher). He looks so dapper in one.

  2. Awww Matt looks fantastic! Like you, I swoon when my boyfriend dresses up – he recently got into vests and I nearly faint! How do they manage to look so dang good in vests?? I love these photos!

  3. You have made my search for vintage clothing for my fiance so much easier. He loves to wear waistcoats/vests when we go out on occasions. And like you said, a well dressed man can make you swoon. Thanks so much for sharing, I will definitely show him this site!

  4. I was looking at this exact suit for a friends wedding.
    I am pretty much Matts size too, and now i have seen it on a beefier guy like myself (rather than the pretty small models) i am loving it even more.
    Thank you so much for this excellent review.

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