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Rago Longline Bra- 3 Ways!

I’m pretty sure that every single lady reading this will have struggled with finding the perfect strapless bra, let along a vintage style longline one!
I feel like I’ve done so much internet surfing trying to find that perfect bra but it always feels like a huge gamble buying underwear online. There are very few strapless longline bras within the vintage realm and the two I’ve tried didn’t really work for me. This Goddess one was slightly too big so I can’t judge it fully BUT I could tell that it came up super high in the middle, so much so that I wasn’t sure what necklines I would actually be able to wear it with. Plus, it was kind of a awkward belly button length which just isn’t flattering.

The What Katie Did Cabaret Bustier (no longer seems to be available), I tried on at their Boutique in London and unfortunately because of it’s low-back, it reduces the support in the front and I felt like I was going to fall out.
So both of these styles were a fail for me and everything else I can find come down way below the waist so will create bulges around the middle… What I needed was a strapless bra version of my favourite Rago 2202 Longline Bra.

This has been a foundation staple in my wardrobe ever since I bought one over a year ago. I don’t wear any shapewear on a daily basis apart from this bra- I love the smooth shape it gives me through the waist and that awkward bit of skin between a belt and bra doesn’t get pinched.

Rago 2202- 3 Ways
The only downfall of my beloved Rago 2202 is that it’s a very vintage shape- it comes high on the chest and the straps are further towards the neck than modern bras. However, as a pinup who likes to find a solution to these sorts of problems, I found 2 other ways to wear my Rago 2202 so that I could wear it with ever single item of clothing I own.

 To demonstrate the different ways, I’ve got the Pinup Girl Clothing Peasant Top which I’m frequently asked about which bra I’m wearing underneath. Here’s what the bra looks like normally underneath the Peasant Top…

Rago 2202- 3 Ways

Obviously not ok! Some adjustments are definitely needed!

So firstly, if I want to wear the Peasant Top off the shoulder then I need to turn my Rago 2202 into a Longline Strapless Bra.
I start off by putting on a regular strapless bra which I got a few years back from Bra’s and Things. You want to make sure this fits you really well as this is your main support.
Now I put the Rago 2202 over the top and tuck the straps and cups into the padded cups of the strapless bra. Try and tuck things as smoothly as possible to reduce any lumps but to also ensure that it’s not too uncomfortable as the day goes on.

I find this really effective and only might need minimal adjusting and tucking during the day. You could try wearing the strapless bra over the top of the Rago 2202 to create a smoother look at the cups but I found that the regular bra stays up better against my skin than over the top of the slightly slippery Rago mesh.

My second way of wearing it is for when I’m not having to worry about having straps, but I need the bra to be lower or the straps further apart.
For this, I simply put a regular bra over the top of the Rago 2202 with straps and cups tucked in. Because I still have the straps up, I don’t need to worry about the bra slipping down. This style requires a bit of tucking, especially through the middle but it’s a great adjustment for when I want to wear the Peasant Top with the sleeves on the shoulder.


Obviously, it would be SO MUCH EASIER if someone could just make the perfect strapless bustier that has both larger cup sizes and a wide range of back sizes (including smaller ones!). Pinup Girl Clothing has something that looks very close to perfect BUT it only goes up to a D cup and the backless aspect makes me wonder if I’d have the same problem as the What Katie Did one.

This is a a good little hack for now while I hope that one day I’ll find a better solution! Read my review from last year about the fit of the Rago 2202 here if you are looking at purchasing one.


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  1. I have the longline bra PUG offers that you’ve mentioned in this post. If definitely doesn’t have the same support in the bust that you want because it’s very low in the back. In tight dresses or dresses where the nipped waist is more important to me than a fuller bust, it doesn’t bother me so much (I’m only a 36C.) But I suspect you’d have the same problems as the WKD bustier you tried on, so I don’t think it would work. I think I’ll be getting a Rago longline to try these tricks!

  2. Im buying the rago long line after this. i also have the one from PUG and im not a fan of the support. (i have to wear another bra under it. but how comfortable do the straps feel when tucked in against the girls all day?

  3. Those are awesome tips. I struggle with strapless shapewear too due to cup sizes, so these should really help

  4. I have been following you from the states very internet stalker like lol but I am also a seamstress. I can take the bra you love and alter it to be what you need so that you don’t have to double up and bugger with it.

  5. I wonder if you were to contact Rago with this issue, if they would be willing to work with you on creating a new line. If they were to come out with say, a Victory Violet Strapless Long Line Bra in a variety of colors I would definitely be interested. After all, you have put a lot of thought and effort into making this product work for you and you have given so many of us good ideas and advise. You have become very influential in the Pin Up community. You know what we all want in our shape wear, especially those of us who are a bit more endowed. I would think they would at least listen to your ideas. I have confidence in you!

  6. Recently bought this longline bra and the high waisted shorts after reading your post. They’re amazing. Can’t believe the shaping and reduction. Thank you so much for the recommendation.

  7. Thank you so much for posting this. I just bought my first shape wear (Rago!) and I love how my dresses fit, but I experienced problems with necklines. Thanks for the tips! Excited to try them out. Also, this April will be my first trip to VIVA and your posts helped with that as well. Hope to see you there!

  8. I would so love a proper long line bra that sits on my waist. However being a 34 GG (UK)/34J(USA), I’ve found there aren’t any in my size. It strikes me as quite bizarre that an undergarment such as a long line bra or a merry widow or a full girdle with integral bra are not made for larger cup sizes.
    Even What Katie Did is not offering full range of sizes. They ‘say’ they go up to higher cup sizes but G is the highest but not in all back sizes. The highest cup in all their bras in my band suze is F.
    The garments are ideal as shapewear and ladies of a curvier shape like shapewear to smooth out. Modern spanx makes me feel like a sausage. Vintage and retro lingeries would be so much more flattering.

    • They only go to that size for a readon any bigger on a low back then the cup would push forward and down it would have to have a high back
      For it to work . Also there has to be high interest to make it worth the makers while and the minimum would be 30,000 at least !!

  9. This is amazing. I have this bra and I love it but the straps do bother me. I am a 40DD and have the Dominique one that PUG sells and love it, but at times it can be a little uncomfortable under my arms and my black one is dead.

    My question is, how do you get the Rago longline on and hooked? I live alone and struggle with all the hooks on my own.

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