The Black Embroidered Fatale Dress

Growing up, I always loved the vibrancy of the Spanish culture and found the incredible costumes and attitude of the touring Flamenco dancers that would come to New Zealand fascinating (so much so that I took up Spanish Fiesta Dancing for 4 years in my teens).
Part of it also was my love for my maiden surname ‘Macedo’ which hails from Spain’s neighbouring country Portugal. New Zealand is such a multicultural country and I always felt so boringly Kiwi… apart from my surname which made me feel just a little exotic thanks to Great-Great-Grandfather who immigrated from Portugal in the 1870s.

Fatale Embroidered Dress

When I first saw the Black Embroidered Fatale Prom Dress by The Pretty Dress Company, it reminded me of my love for that part of the world. I’m yet to visit Spain or Portugal but they are most definitely is top of my travel list. This dress is part of the collaboration between The Pretty Dress Company and Burlesque Star Immodesty Blaize.
Vintage Life Magazine interviewed Immodesty about the range and when asked if any vintage icons influenced the collection, she replied-

“With the various rose motifs and reds in the collection I had an image in mind of passionate icons such Ava Gardner in Barefoot Contessa, Maria Callas, and Maria Felix”

Fatale Embroidered Dress

I now have several of the Fatale Dress from The Pretty Dress Company (read my other reviews here) and while I love the other ones, I think this has to be my favourite. It’s unique, the quality is top notch and I feel like a spanish flamenco queen when wearing it.

Fatale Embroidered Dress

It has the same wonderful boned bodice as the rest of the Fatale Dresses, meaning that the off-the-shoulder sleeves stay in place and I know I can put it on and not have to adjust the bust at all during the night. Everything stays exactly where it should be!
There are three layers to this dress- Firstly, there is a built in tulle petticoat to help create fullness (I still chose to wear another petticoat as I love extra poof), then a beautiful stretch cotton sateen and finally the net overlay which features the gorgeous embroidered roses.

Fatale Embroidered Dress
This last layer is described on the website as being ‘tulle’ so I expected it for some reason to be that scratchy stiff tulle that you get in a petticoat or from the bargain fabric store. It was ridiculous of me to think that considering the quality of The Pretty Dress Company is always incredible, but that’s just what I associated tulle with being.
I was pleasantly surprised when the dress arrived to discover that it’s actually a lovely soft netting that has ZERO scratchiness and the the embroidery has beautiful detail to it that is best seen in person.

Fatale Embroidered Dress

When I reviewed the Gingham Fatale Dress a few months back, I mentioned that the size 10 was QUITE tight on me, especially at the arms. I thought perhaps it might be best for me to go up to a size 12 but I was assured that the Gingham was a older run of the dress, did fit a bit tighter but that the size 10 would be fine in this Embroidered Fatale.
It’s perfect, the size 10 is fitted but not uncomfortably so and the arms aren’t too tight or restrictive. I’m definitely glad I didn’t size up to a 12! I would say that this dress runs very true to the size chart and as long as you are measuring yourself properly, you shouldn’t have any trouble with the fit if you compare your measurements to the chart. For reference, I’m 36″ in the bust and 27″ in the waist.

One thing to note is that the overlay hangs down longer than the rest of the skirt by a few inches, unlike the pictures on the website.

Fatale Embroidered Dress

Now, at £315, this dress comes up way over most ladies dress budget. It’s a special occasion dress for sure, perhaps for a significant birthday, best friends wedding or a anniversary. If you simply can’t live without it, rest assured that there is nothing ‘cheap’ looking about this dress. Every inch of it is high quality fabrics and fit and you will feel amazing.
To help make it a little more affordable, The Pretty Dress Company have kindly created a exclusive discount code for my readers- a huge 20% off!
Use code ‘VV0216’ at checkout to get 20% off between now and March 31st.

Fatale Embroidered Dress

Want something a little bit different for your wedding day? a beautiful ivory version has just been released!

Full Outfit Details
Belt and Shoes- Pinup Girl Clothing
Petticoat- That Shop

Many thanks to Tony McKay Photography for the stunning shots in the Auckland Opera Studio! This is the last of my back-log of shoots from when I had black hair and it’s got to be one of my favourites! Expect ALL THE GINGER from now on!


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Disclaimer: Whilst this dress was gifted to me, I never accept anything that I do not truly love and all opinions expressed are honest and my own. The integrity and honesty of my blog is very important to me as are my readers 

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  1. Absolutely in love with this dress. I have black Docs with red roses that’d match it perfectly, though that might be a bit peculiar looking. Alas, even if the discount was down to 20% of the price I’d barely be able to afford it :L

  2. White or black?! Decisions, decisions! I said it before and I will say it again, your hair, that dress, and those shoes….. Perfection!

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