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King of The Blue Moon Ball

On Saturday night, we attended The Blue Moon Ball. Held at the wonderful Hopetoun Alpha and hosted by Pandora’s Box Productions and Glory Days Magazine, it was a fabulous night out. Everyone put in so much effort into their outfits and it was fun to catch up with friends and dance to some sweet tunes by The Rocking Roller-Coasters (new favourite band!).

King of The Blue Moon Ball

Matt went all out for his evening attire and dug out the dinner suit he bought three years ago for our engagement party. The navy blue suit with shiny black lapel gave it a slightly more 50s Rock n’ Roll vibe than your standard black dinner jacket and Matt accessorised it perfectly.

King of The Blue Moon Ball

He loves different textures so wore a black velvet bow tie, satin pocket square (folded in a non-folded kind of way so it had a more organic feel) and white felt lapel flower which he made himself! Clever!

King of The Blue Moon Ball
As a frequent wearer of bow-ties, he normally wears a standard collared shirt with them, however a suit like this needed something a little more fancy.
This winged collared shirt with contrasting black buttons was just the ticket and tied it all in perfectly. Finished off with a waistcoat, slick new haircut and his signature curly moustache, this combo ended up winning him the title of King of The Blue Moon ball and a fancy sash and goody bag!

King of The Blue Moon Ball

Full Outfit Details
Suit and Waistcoat- Hallensteins
Bow Tie- Macy’s
Shirt- Ellen Tailors and Suit Hire
Shoes- Aldo Shoes
Pocket Square- piece of satin fabric
Belt- Nordstrom
Lapel Flower- made by Matt

King of The Blue Moon Ball

We really hope that there’s another event like The Blue Moon Ball again soon, it was was really such a fantastic night and my voice was definitely a little worse for wear after screaming my lungs out when Matt won!


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  1. Your style with Matt’s compliments each other so well! Congrats to him on being the King! Looks like you all had a blast of fun!

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