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After spending the night in Pensacola, we headed off to our next destination… New Orleans, Louisiana!
We had watched big dark clouds roll in before we left and within 30mins of being on the road, a giant electrical storm had rolled in and poor Matt was having to try to drive in very low visibility.

It was probably the worst weather we had ever been in and I couldn’t believe it when I saw I giant fork of lightening land no more than 500m from us and felt the heat on the side of my face through the car window… it was a little scary but also quite exciting!

Thankfully the drive from Pensacola to New Orleans is only about 3 hours so we arrived by lunchtime. We couldn’t check into our room until 2pm so we went to Magazine Street so I could check out the Trashy Diva store. The rain was still torrential at this point and after waiting under a shop awning for 20 minutes, we realised that it wasn’t going to let up and had to dash through the rain… soggy shoes are not fun!


Trying on the Blanche Dress in Victory Floral

Getting to be in the Trashy Diva Store was pretty exciting- I only own one item from them so it was wonderful to see everything in person and feel the quality for myself. I tried on about 5 different dresses but was having a bit of a dilemma- I’d made a pact with myself before our trip that I would save most of my money for true vintage and not spend it on things I could order online. I decided to think about it and visit the French Quarter store since I knew they had some sizes that the Magazine Street one didn’t.


The Trashy Diva Shoe Store

We also had a look in the Trashy Diva Shoe Store next door and I was in heaven! They had BAIT, Miss L Fire and lots of other beautiful styles. I fell in love with a few pairs from Remix but the prices were a little out of my budget.

The rain still hadn’t let up, so we decided to head to our hotel and come back to Magazine Street another day. We were staying in the French Quarter at The Inn on St Ann. It was tidy but tinnnnny! Unfortunately I hadn’t realised that I’d planned for us to be in NOLA at the same time as Jazz Festival and left booking accommodation way too late. Our room for 5 nights cost us more than a flight to the USA from New Zealand… and that was one of the cheapest options I could find! But at least it had good air-con and a comfortable bed!


After checking in and dumping our bags, it was time for a late lunch as we were both getting a bit hangry! We had a yummy meal at a place on the corner of Royal and St Ann and then went for a wander. Thankfully by this time the rain had cleared which made walking around much more pleasant. Not long into our exploring, we stumbled across Moonshine Nettie on Chartres Street and they had some BEAUTIFUL vintage dresses! Most were too small for me unfortunately but I did buy one beauty which I recently restored and blogged about.


There were a few more vintage stores along Royal Street which were so fun to look around. Further down the street we walked past a hair salon and I decided to treat myself toΒ a wash and blow dry. A quick search on Yelp revealed that there was a barber one block away so off Matt went to get his hair done at the same time.

We decided to start our day by walking down to The French Markets near the river and find some breakfast. I was excited to find a french crepe stand and order my favourite combo- Nutella and Banana!


From there, we walked through the rest of the markets and then up to Frenchman Street so that we knew where that was.

Once we were back in the main part of the French Quarter, we slowly walked down Royal Street, stopping to listen to the various bands playing.

One of our favourites was a band called The Secondhand Street Band. Matt loved them so much that he even bought their CD.

We popped into the Trashy Diva Store which is also on Royal Street. I didn’t try anything more on as I was wearing my PUG Renee dress which doesn’t require a bra… and trying dresses on braless is never going to work! But I did buy myself some gorgeous fakelite necklace and bangles.


Stopping for Beignets

I really wanted to try Beignets and so we stopped for them at a cafe that seemed to be very popular! Beignets are a NOLA speciality, kind of like a doughnut with lots and LOTS of icing sugar! They are pretty hard to eat without getting yourself covered but still very tasty!


Stopping for Beignets

From there, we hunted down a local grocery store and picked up some supplies. We had realised very quickly that food in the French Quarter was going to leave us broke and since we were still trying to stick to a daily budget, we bought some croissants for breakfast for the following days, a few snacks and cheese and crackers for lunch. We sat in the patio of our hotel enjoying what will be some of our only sunshine in New Orleans eating lunch and relaxing… it was really lovely!


Just before 5pm we headed back out, this time to meet up with some lovely local NOLA ladies and their partners! Anne from the Desperately Seeking Trashy Diva group had asked if she could organise a meet up while we were in town and of course I said yes!


Trashy Diva Meet Up

We met at Hermes bar and it was such a fun couple of hours! Everyone was so lovely and it was wonderful to just sit and chat over cocktails. I was completely blown away by the generosity of Angelle who picked up the tab for everyone… she said the only condition was that I had to buy a Trashy Diva Dress while I was here which I more than willingly obliged a few days later.

We thought we would head back to Magazine Street since a lot of the stores might not be open on Sunday/Monday. Magazine Street is the home of lots of vintage boutiques and interesting shops but is super long and a lot of the vintage shops are quite spread out.


Amazing mirrors in the Antique Shops

We caught a cab back to the same block that Trashy Diva was on as that is about where the shops all start. There were lots of amazing places to look in, one of my favourites was Century Girl Vintage Boutique. The owner was super sweet and all of the pieces in the shop were in fabulous condition. I was very tempted by one dress which was I think late 60s perhaps but it was a maxi length which isn’t my usual style so I decided to think it over.


Century Girl Vintage Boutique

We walked further along the street, through a more residential area until we came across another block of shops. We decided to stop for lunch but while we were in the cafe, the torrential rain we had experienced the other day came back! The forecast for the afternoon was pretty grim so we thought it best to abandon the shopping, ordered a Uber and went to the National World War II Museum instead.

National WW2 Museum

National WW2 Museum


National WW2 Museum

It’s a brilliant museum with fantastic exhibits. I especially enjoyed the section dedicated to African American soliders and thought it was great that they were acknowledged and celebrated given how hard it was at the time.


National WW2 Musueum

We only had about 2 hours at the Museum before it closed and we managed to also have a quick look around the museum store which had a awesome range of repro clothing and a especially good menswear section. I just about squealed when I saw these Mint Chelsea Crew heels and Matt picked up a couple of goodies too.


Goodies from the National WW2 Museum

The rain was still at full force so that night we stayed in our room with takeaways and watched movies!

The forecast was pretty bad… thunderstorms all day! While it obviously would have been nice if the weather had been better, the one good thing was that it forced us to stop and relax a little after the busy few weeks we’d had!


We decided to venture out for coffee as the stuff provided in our room was pretty disgusting (and that’s saying something because my tolerance for bad coffee is reasonably high!) and it was good to get out of our room despite the weather.


Trashy Diva purchases!

Then it was time to go back to Trashy Diva and decide on which dress I was going too buy! I tried on the Blanche Dress again in both Deco Daffodil and Victory Floral but Matt and I both decided it wasn’t quite right on me. Then I tried on a couple of different styles in the Crimson Clover print and settled on the Obi Dress as it had a great full skirt!

Our final day in New Orleans and thankfully the rain stayed away! We started the day by going for brunch at the retro style diner we’d seen down by the French Markets a few days prior.


Belle’s Diner


Belle’s Diner

The decor was so cute and the food was delicious but unfortunately the service and cleanliness wasn’t the greatest. However, it’s still worth going to if you don’t mind that… try the banana/chocolate/bacon pancakes! So so yummy!




We ticked a few things off the NOLA bucket list that we hadn’t had a chance too already- we tried the Hurricane cocktail while watching live Jazz and we bought a freshly made praline which had us both drooling.

Later that evening, we walked to Frenchman Street in the hopes of catching some awesome music. It didn’t let us down, we ended up watching one band for hours while eating pizza and drinking wine. They were really fantastic and Matt bought their CD to add to his NOLA music collection.

Outside there was bands playing on the street and we stumbled on the SecondHand Street Band again! They were playing a much different set than what we’d listened to during the day, this time doing brilliant covers of popular songs.

Frenchman Street was so much fun and we were so glad we got that typical New Orleans experience on our last night!

Next up, the last chapter for our USA Miss VV Around The World posts, Los Angeles and Tahiti! Catch up on the previous three posts- Viva Las Vegas, Orlando and St Augustine/Savannah/Pensacola.


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  1. I was thrilled to see you went to New Orleans – I lived there through most of my 20s, pre-hurricane. They have a lot of new wonderful shops, it looks like you found the best! I also LOVE Trashy Diva, and visit every time I go back. All of your dresses are lovely, especially the green one you wore in Jackson Park. I’m glad you had a great time!

  2. love love love your blog. You have inspired me to take the leap and finally purchase pin up clothing and I thank you for it. I would greatly appreciate it if you would name/credit all of the lovely outfits that you wear (helpful for me and anyone looking to ‘build’ their pin up wardrobe πŸ™‚

    • Hi Erin, this is one of the few posts where I haven’t credited all my outfits since it’s more of a travel post πŸ™‚ please have a read through my past blog posts like My Week In Outfits for inspiration as all outfit details are listed there πŸ™‚ Thank you x

  3. Love reading your pin-up adventures! Can’t wait to visit NOLA in November so I appreciate the tips! Agree it’s looking more expensive than we expected…4 nights in our french quarter hotel is costing us more than 4 days in Disneyworld! That’s surprising the shops shut Sunday/Monday, although my purse will probably need a rest after a weekend drinking and eating my way through the city. Did you get to many boutiques in Florida you’d recommend? We leave just after Black Friday so I hope to spend the last days shopping there. X

    • I’m not sure if all the shops close on Sunday/Monday but I just know that some of the smaller boutiques might have been so I didn’t want to risk going on one of those days πŸ™‚ I found Yelp super handy because you can type in ‘vintage shops’ around Magazine Street and it will come up with them all and then you can hover above each marker for their hours πŸ™‚
      For stores in Florida, we hunted down a couple of vintage shops – have a read through my Miss VV Around The World- Orlando post from a week or two ago πŸ™‚ I’m not sure about big malls etc though. Thank you x

  4. I am so excited, to have read this post tonight! We are heading to New Orleans tomorrow visit family and go shopping. Now I have specific shops I want to go to this time. Thank you

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