An Evening With Dita Von Teese

When I heard that Dita Von Teese was going to be touring around Australia for the first time, bringing her incredible Strip Strip Hooray! Show, I knew I had to fly over to see her! I’d been wanting to go to Melbourne for years and this was the perfect excuse!

I’ll talk more about our weekend in Melbourne in a upcoming Miss VV Around The World post, but for now, I wanted to focus solely on the Queen herself.
Dita is one of my inspirations, my idol and one of the women who encouraged me to embrace the pinup style. She is poised, elegant, dedicated and marches to the beat of her own drum.

At first, the price of the Meet and Greet convinced me that I would have to be content with just watching her shine on stage, but just a few days prior to the show, I realised I would regret not taking the opportunity and swiftly purchased a ticket.


The show itself was magnificent. The supporting acts were wonderful and of course Dita is a true performer in every way. I loved that she opened and closed each half, meaning we got to see a total of 4 acts from her. The costumes dazzled, her elegant movement had me entranced (I couldn’t stop staring at her amazing muscular arms) and not a strand of hair was out of place the entire show. Even when her shoes were removed, she remained on tippy toes with a not a trace of a wobble!

But, my favourite part of the show, the thing that I really remember, is Dita’s smile. In most of her photographs or red carpet event photos, she does a sultry smile… just a hint of it. But during her show, she often dazzled us with a full smile, one so genuine that I knew she truly loved her craft.


With the final act finished and the curtain call complete, it was time to line up for the Meet and Greet! I was incredibly nervous, I didn’t want to become a gushing fangirl but I almost couldn’t believe I was about to meet the one and only Dita Von Teese!


So what does one talk to Dita about? Well, I knew I only had a few short minutes and I wanted to use it wisely… with my love for vintage hair, I of course asked Dita about hers!
I had noticed during the show that Dita had several changes to her hairstyle. Given that there must have only been 20-30 minutes between her acts, I found this fascinating and was in awe of her speed and skill.

With that in mind, I asked Dita if she re-set her hair inbetween Acts One, Two and Three. She explained that she starts off with her classic pageboy style for Act One- The Swarovrski Martini, then re-set with hot rollers to acheived her curlier style for the Act Two- The Rhinestone Cowgirl.


For Act Three- The Bird of Paradise, she told me that she simply brushed out the curlier set back into her signature pageboy.

At the end of Act Three, the Birdcage turns into a shower and her hair gets throughly wet! (my heart ached a little!). But it mattered not, as for her final act, The Opium Den, she wears a elaborate wig!

I wish I had remembered to ask if she had help backstage with her hair- one would assume so, but then I know from reading her book, she is happy doing her own hair. However, it would certainly make sense with the time constraints if she had someone helping her at least put the rollers in.


Following our discussion about her hair, I then asked her if there had ever been a time that she hadn’t been ready to go back out on stage – perhaps her hair wasn’t finished or she wasn’t dressed yet. She replied that no, she’s always been ready but there has been times that perhaps her hair wasn’t as perfect as she would prefer.

And with that, my time with Dita was over, I thanked her profusely and wandered away in a little bit of a daze, feeling rather inelegant after sitting next to her.


I’m so glad I decided to do the Meet and Greet and thankful to have had the opportunity to see her perform alongside her sparkling, tassel twirling cast!


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  1. I caught her show several years in Vegas and I remember the same feelings you had about seeing Dita. I don’t think there was a meet and greet component. I am glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Great questions! Must take a lot of discipline to get everything so perfect between performances and make it seem so effortless. I met her opening night in sydney and i was completely awe struck! She’s incredible

  3. What an fabulous experience! ❤️ I’m glad that you were able to attend the meet and greet too! That is a lovely photograph of the both of you together. You are both absolutely stunning ladies! X

  4. Thank you so much for sharing…I doubt I would have been as poised. I am hoping both she and yourself are at Viva 20 so. I can at least have a sighting…not sure I will be brave enough to much of anything else…I would certainly be fan girling….even at my age

  5. I have met Dita a couple of times. She actually remembered me when I met her in Chicago. It made my year. She is such a classy lady. I love her so.

    Stacy Sweet

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