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Blue, Beige & Beards

Welcome back to another post documenting my Handsome Husbands style! He’s always known what he does and doesn’t like when it comes to clothes, but I love that he’s getting more into the dressier items like jackets and blazers!


When we were in the USA in April/May, he purchased several vintage jackets, lots of ties and a few other bits and bobs. This look is showcasing some of these items and some that he already owned.

Matt built this outfit around the jacket which he bought from Playclothes in Burbank for USD$45. The blue and beige tones in it are subtle and soft but combined in such a way, it’s becomes a rather bold statement. Blue seemed like the obvious choice to put with it, Matt choosing a darker blue for shirt, tie and hat and the lighter blue trousers to help keep it a little more daytime casual.


As a fan of mixing both textures and patterns but aware that there’s a fine line before it becomes ‘too much’, the waistcoat and textured blue tie seemed like the perfect match- neither overpower one another and compliment the look nicely.

I think the hat really tops this look off- it was a purchase from New Orleans and has all the right colours in it for this particular outfit.


Full Outfit Details
Shirt- Hallensteins
Jacket and Tie- Vintage
Waistcoat- Marc Darcy
Trousers- Just Jeans
Hat- Goorin Bro’s Hat Shop
Shoes- Aldo


This is definitely a very bold combination with vintage mens styling in mind but with a modern take on it. It’s sort of like a exciting puzzle putting together a look like this, finding the right combination of everything can be a little tricky but very satisfying once the look comes together. I love that Matt is so adventurous!


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    • It’s definitely a bold jacket, luckily the only person who has to like it is the one wearing it ❤️

  1. My husband loved the vintage look but struggles finding things that fit. Will have to show him this for inspiration

  2. Ahh!! A Goorin Hat!! I work at the Atlanta location and I thought that looked like one of ours! He looks so great in it!

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