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A couple of weeks ago, my friends Wendy, Shanya and I flew to Melbourne for the weekend to see the one and only Dita Von Teese perform in her touring Strip Strip Hooray Burlesque Show.

Melbourne bound!

After a bit of a slow start, discovering we had a 3 hour delay to our flight upon arriving at the airport, we finally made it to Melbourne very late on Friday night!

Tired and sick of delays!

Tired and sick of delays!


We had a lazy start to the morning, sleeping in and having breakfast in our pink nighties (yes, all three of us had them!) and got ready for the day!

We set off with Google Maps guiding us towards some vintage shopping spots we had been told about. After about 15 minutes of walking, feeling rather fabulous in our big Collectif winter coats, we came upon Brunswick St and our first vintage shop- American Vintage Clothing Co.


Shayna and I both bought vintage wool plaid skirts and I took quite a fancy to a rather extravagant Christmas cardigan in the window but unfortunately it was not for sale.

Further down the street we found another one or two more vintage shops and then found the mecca of knitwear! Clear IT! is a clearance shop for Alannah Hill, Dangerfield and all the sub-brands like Princess Highway and Revival. The store was GIGANTIC (two levels!) and absolutely packed in with so much stuff, it was a little overwhelming. Most of the dresses and skirts were too short for our liking but we went a little crazy over the sweaters and cardigans. I came away with 6 pieces which only cost me AU$130 so I was pretty happy!


We’d spent nearly a hour in Clear IT! so by now, we were getting a little hungry. We came across a cupcake shop and couldn’t resist stopping.


Continuing down the street we found a few more shops like Dangerfield and Christine’s and then decided to get a cab to Smith Street. It was a walkable distance but the weather was threatening rain which we really didn’t want to get caught in.
Smith Street had a few more vintage shops, one big one being Vintage Garage. There was a great range of items but by then I think we were all a bit shopped out and in need of some proper food… the sugar high from our cupcakes earlier had us all crashing!

We decided to jump back into a cab and head to Sephora in the QV which I really wanted to do while in Melbourne since I’d failed to enter one in the USA. As with all Sephora’s, it was absolute mayhem! Unfortunately  a few things that I’d specifically wanted to try and buy like the Kat Von D foundation was out of stock but I did pick up a couple of little bits and pieces. It was also fun playing personal makeup shopper to Shayna and helping her find things that she needed.

After that, it really was time to find some food! We’d all got to that point where we were so hangry that we didn’t know what kind of food we actually wanted to eat and ended up settling on burgers after much aimless wandering.
Feeling much better, we then walked back to the hotel which wasn’t far, finding a supermarket for pre-Dita wine and snacks on the way.


We got back to the hotel in good time so it wasn’t a major rush to get ready for Dita. Of course, I was on hair duty and set Wendy’s hair and helped Shayna with hers. For my own, I tried something new and built a updo around my vintage hat.


A Melbourne based friend, Gerri came over for a wine before the four of us headed to the show. Wendy and I know Gerri through a small group on Facebook (which is actually how Wendy and I met 3 or 4 years ago!) and neither of us had met Gerri before but it was a wonderful opportunity- it’s kinda of bizarre (in the best way possible) meeting someone in person who you’ve known and talked to for years online!


Off to Dita we went! The show was held at the Forum which for all you Auckland based lovelies, has a very similar feel to the Civic Theatre- ornate gold details and blue mood lighting.
We had tickets to the pre-cocktail show which the main perk of attending was getting first access to the theatre and therefore the closest spot possible to the stage (it was standing room only).


The excitement in the air was so electric and the show was exquisite. I won’t go into detail since I’ve already done ‘An Evening With Dita Von Teese’ in which you can read all about it!

After the show, I was super excited to see Natasha Estrada who I met at Viva 3 years ago. She’s such a sweetheart and I loved her performance at the show!

I also ran into some super babes Sina King and Kitty Lane outside the theatre! We all follow each other on Instagram and it felt like a reunion even though we’d never actually met in person before.



We were pretty tired, the day before had been a massive day of shopping and we had stayed up chatting a little bit after the show. But, we had a date with lots of beautiful Melbourne Pinups!
The lovely Amy aka Scarlet Soda had contacted me when she heard I’d be coming to Melbourne and asked if she could organise a little Meet and Greet. I was more than happy to, especially when we started talking about doing a High Tea!

We checked out of the hotel, leaving our bags there to pick up later and Amy and her lovely partner picked us up and took us to Mamor, the location for the High Tea. It’s the most beautiful place, so opulently decorated with beautiful teacups and saucers.


There was around 16 of us in total but it was the perfect number- we could chat in separate little groups but also as one big one. Everyone was so lovely and I met a few faces that were familiar thanks to Instagram.
The food was totally delicious- my favourites were the tiny sausage rolls, chocolates at the end and of course scones!

The morning high tea continued into the afternoon and after much chatting and picture taking, it was time to head back to the hotel and get ready to go to the airport.


We headed to the pool area to get changed into some more comfortable flying clothes and since we still had about 45 minutes until we needed to leave for the airport, Shayna had a swim and Wendy and I lay out in the sunshine. It was a lovely, relaxed end to a busy but wonderful two days.


I wish we had a little more time in Melbourne but it just means I’ll have to visit again one day!


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  1. Sounds like fun! I’d love to know more about that gorgeous red handbag you took to Dita – it’s a beautiful shape.

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