My Week In Outfits! (30/05-05/06)

Sweater and Skirt- Vintage
Shoes- BAIT Footwear
Petticoat- Malco Modes
Shoes- Trashy Diva
Bangles- Splendette
Hairscarf- Rita Sue Clothing
Bag- Vintage

MyWeekInOutfitsMay0511 MyWeekInOutfitsMay0512 MyWeekInOutfitsMay0514

Top- Miss Candyfloss
Skirt- CurvyCouture By Judy Dee
Petticoat- Malco Modes
Shoes- BAIT Footwear
Belt- Pinup Girl Clothing
Necklace- Pip Jolley
Hairscarf- Vintage
Bag- Glamour Bunny

MyWeekInOutfitsMay0513 MyWeekInOutfitsMay0515 MyWeekInOutfitsMay057

Dress- Vintage
Belt and Cardigan- Pinup Girl Clothing
Brooch- Erstwilder
Shoes- BAIT Footwear
Petticoat- Malco Modes
Hairscarf- Vintage
Bangles- Splendette (pink glitter) and Vintage
Bag- Lux De Ville

MyWeekInOutfitsMay051 MyWeekInOutfitsMay054 MyWeekInOutfitsMay058

Dress and Cardigan- Review Australia
Belt- Pinup Girl Clothing
Shoes- Lola Ramona
Petticoat- Malco Modes
Necklace- Trashy Diva
Bangles- Splendette and Vintage
Flowers- Shazam Pinup Hair Flowers
Bag- Vintage

MyWeekInOutfitsMay052 MyWeekInOutfitsMay053 MyWeekInOutfitsMay059

Cardigan- Emmy Designs
Skirt- Pinup Girl Clothing
Shoes- Miss L Fire
Petticoat- Malco Modes
Necklace- Vintage
Bag- Vintage

MyWeekInOutfitsMay055 MyWeekInOutfitsMay056 MyWeekInOutfitsMay0510

Dress and Cardigan- Collectif Clothing
Shoes- 19Black / BAIT Footwear
Hair Flowers- Sophisticated Lady
Brooch and Earrings- Vintage
Bag- Vera May
Bangles- Splendette (pink) and Vintage

MyWeekInOutfitsMay0516 MyWeekInOutfitsMay0521 MyWeekInOutfitsMay0517

Dress- Vintage
Cardigan- Unique Vintage
Shoes- 19Black /BAIT Footwear
Belt- Pinup Girl Clothing
Bag- Vera May
Bangles- Splendette (pink) and vintage
Earrings- Vintage

MyWeekInOutfitsMay0520 MyWeekInOutfitsMay0519 MyWeekInOutfitsMay0518


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  1. OMG! I adore that vintage dress in purples and pinks! And the vintage novelty print skirt at the top! That Emmy Designs Cardigan! The embroidered dress! I’m so happy for you that your collection is growing so amazingly and breathtakingly beautifully! XO

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