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The Valley of Fire

One of the highlights from my trip to the USA was my photoshoot with Lars from Made In Eighty in the Nevada Desert. Lars and I did a shoot together last year during Viva and the results were so fabulous, I couldn’t wait to do it all again this year!

We knew that we had to come up with something truly AWESOME to top last year and when Lars suggested catching sunrise in the Valley of Fire (which is about a hour out of Vegas), I went ‘F*** it’… I don’t need sleep that day!

It sure was a early start but the golden light and gorgeous backdrop was so worth it. We shot two outfits, the first being this custom gown from CurvyCouture by Judy Dee, based on a Julie London album cover. The reflective gold material was the perfect choice and shone gloriously.

Here’s all the shots, see the second half of the shoot here.




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  1. Gorgeous. Your link to see the second half didn’t work for me, but there’s every likelihood the culprit is my phone. I hope you continue to model–you don’t need to be 14-years-old and a size 0 to be beautiful! xxx

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