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Worldwide Vintage Shopping Guide

As I was travelling through the USA this time and hunting down every vintage shop possible, I thought it would be great to create vintage shopping guide for all the places I’ve visited. Now, obviously this could become a VERY long list, so I’ve really only included stores I’ve been to myself and can vouch for.
I’ll keep adding to it with each new city I visit but hopefully it’ll be a easy reference for anyone travelling to these places!

Red – True Vintage
Blue – Reproduction
Green – Mix of the two

Click on the shop name to take you to the exact location on Google Maps.

Happy hunting! x



American Vintage Clothing Co
Clear iT

Vintage Garage
Vintage Sole



Mamz’elle Swing


New Zealand

Rita Sue Clothing
Vintage Addiction
The Vintage Vault Department
Tock Tick Vintage (by appointment only)

Kulture Shock

Hunters and Collectors 


Frøken Dianas Salonger
Ruth 66

The Netherlands

1953 Retro & Chic
I Love Vintage
Laura Dols
Marbles Vintage & Design


Beyond Retro
Daisy Dapper
Old Touch
59 Vintage Store


United Kingdom

Viva Retro

Collectif Spitalfields and Camden
Kingston Antique Centre
Vivien of Holloway
What Katie Did
Revival Retro

Stardust Years Vintage Fashion
Vintage Hound



Las Vegas, Nevada
Charleston Antique Mall
Tatyana Boutique, Planet Hollywood

Los Angeles, California
Magnolia Boulevard-
Pinup Girl Boutique
Besame Cosmetics
What Katie Did

Audrey K Boutique
Hubba Hubba
Swift Vintage
Unique Vintage

Hollywood Boulevard-
Paper Moon Vintage
Miss L Fire Boutique

Long Beach-
BAIT Footwear Boutique
Sneaky Tiki Boutique
Liberty Vintage
La Bomba Vintage

Old Town Orange-
Elsewhere Vintage
Joyride: Vintage For Men
Various Antique Malls

New Orleans, Louisiana
French Quarter –
Moonshine Nettie
Bambi Deville’s Vintage Clothing

Trashy Diva
Magazine Street-
Century Girl Vintage
Trashy Diva
National WWII Museum Store

New York City-

Orlando, Florida-
Orlando Vintage
Deja Vu Vintage
The Lovely Boutique Market

Savannah, Georgia-
Picker Joe’s Antique Mall and Vintage Market,

St Augustine, Florida
Cool and Collected 



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  1. Just a bit curious about the Clear IT online store, how do you purchase from their site? I click on a label name and it just takes me to a map pf stores in the area. Help!

    • I don’t know if you can purchase online. This is a guide for actual stores for people to visit, and they don’t all necessarily have online shops. It’s a clearance store so I doubt they would sell online sorry

      • No problem 🙂 it’s a confusing site as it has a checkout and my bag section like a site which you would purchase off usually has. I’ll have to find an actual store and check it out one day.

  2. Hi 🙂 I know you stopped in San Francisco for a couple of days on your world tour but from your post about the city it seems like you only did sightseeing? Do you have one or 2 shops you would recommend or you don’t know any? Thanks in advance!!

    • Hi Carole, we didn’t do any shopping, only sightseeing. We had spent too much money in Vegas haha so needed to chill for a little bit on the spending 😉

      • Sorry I never replied to your message, thanks a lot and I ended up finding a few good spots! I am going to Berlin soon so if you have tips for there it would be awesome haha 😉
        I hope you’re enjoying your trips as well xx

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