Besame Victory Red Lipstick

I’m not one to get overly hyped out about new makeup products on the market, I’m pretty happy with buying cheap if it does the job or more expensive if that’s what’s needed, but I certainly don’t get caught up with brands.

However, when Besame Cosmetics released their new 1941 Victory Red Lipstick with a limited edition pin, I had to have it. I own countless red lipsticks but I adore the little golden bullets that house my Besame ones.


I’ve always found the ‘Beauty Is Duty’ slogan in WW2 rather fascinating. Women viewed it as a patriotic duty to look the best they could during these rationed times and as much as the male soldiers were expected to present a certain level of groomed appearance, women serving in the army were also issued with red lipsticks!

Victory Red has been created by Besame to be a exact replica of this lipstick thanks to lots of research and sampling. It’s a beautiful red and has fast become one of my favourites since receiving it a few weeks ago.


This lipstick is the same creamy semi-matte finish like the rest of the Besame lipsticks. It’s rich in tone, easy to apply, lasts well during the day and is highly pigmented.

I wear red lipstick just about every day and for years, I’ve been applying it the same exact way- conceal, foundation, lip liner and lipstick.
I recently posted a video showing this process using Victory Red and had a number of comments from people not understanding why I conceal my lips first.


The answer is simple… longevity. It not only helps to prevent feathering and bleeding, but I believe it helps keep the lipstick on longer. Plus, you get a more pigmented, richer result.
It doesn’t dry my lips our or feel heavy but of course everyone is different.


To get rich, highly pigmented base for Victory Red, I lined and filled in my lips using the Besame Masterliner Lip Pencil in Red. It’s become my favourite lip liner thanks to it’s smooth application and dense colour but it certainly doesn’t last as long as a regular pencil so I try not to use it everyday.

If you use no lipliner or a less pigmented one, Victory Red will look brighter. lighter and a little less rich.


You can see from the above picture that even the ‘Red’ end of the Masterliner Lip Pencil is still very pink- in fact it matched the colour of my Miss Candyfloss dress I was wearing perfectly!

Once I’ve got a good outline with the pencil, I find it easy enough to apply the lipstick without a brush. The colour of Victory Red is so gorgeous, pretty much a perfect red in my eyes and very close to one of my longtime favourite reds- Natio RUSH.


Photo 29-06-16, 1 04 43 PM

I’m really glad I snagged Victory Red while it still came with the limited edition pin- it looks like it’s all sold out now!
If you haven’t tried a Besame lipstick before, take a look at their range as there’s a colour for everyone! My other two favourites are Red Velvet and Red Hot Red.

For those of you outside the USA like me, I’d recommend finding a local retailer or ordering from the Besame Australia website– shipping from the USA website for me was SUPER expensive and took nearly two weeks just to ship. But, if you wanted the Victory Red pin, that was the only way to get it as no-one else had it in stock. I’ll definitely buy locally for any other future purchases.

Do you have a Besame collection? What is your favourite shade?


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  1. I love my Red Noir! It’s the perfect shade of dark red and works beautifully with my deco-esque ensembles.

  2. I LOVE Dusty Rose, for many of the reasons you yourself have said (it’s quick and easy). Also, for me it’s one of their colors that seem to stay put. My Red Velvet is the worst and must be a bad batch because it fades extremely fast. Thanks for the review, I’m giving this Victory Red a try! Also love the cream mascara, powders, fragrances, and special accessories they have. I think the small pressed powder compacts were the only thing I had major issues with.

  3. In first sorry for my english, (I’m french) ;), I wasn’ t know Besame Cosmectics and i find the different kind of lipsticks very classy and glam, the packaging also is very cute !

    Thanks for your blog, this help me to improve my style and learn some good advice about make up and hair care, even after two babies I feel confident and i take care of me and want to be womanly.

    I need your opinion, (you re an expert) Now I have blond hair, my skin is very pale, which colours of hair do you recommand to me ?

    kisses from France,


  4. I love red lipstick!!! Although the darker berries compliment me more… I await the day I can finally wear the perfect shade

  5. I don’t have a Besame lipstick collection yet, but I recently visited one of their boutiques in California. The ladies who work there are lovely, friendly and helpful. They showed my friend and I all the products they carry, and we sampled their beautiful, feminine fragrances. Hope to start my collection soon!

  6. I have a Besame Red and it’s my all time favourite lipstick 🙂 I’ve been eyeing at other colors and feel like I need at least Portrait Pink and Red Hot Red, but preferably Exotic Pink as well. They have the best longevity and I simply need more!
    I’d also like to try out their Violet Powder and maybe even cake mascara, but since I live in EU, it will be very expensive to buy everything I want from their site, but I can’t find all of them from Europe either. Only bits and pieces… which would be ok if I didn’t need to pay multiple shipping fees for all of them. I guess that eventually I’ll buy everything I want straight from Besame Cosmetics no matter how expensive it is, because I think it’ll be worth the money 🙂

  7. Interested to read this – Elizabeth Arden actually created Victory Red in 1941 for the war effort and then Montezuma Red in 1944. A bit cheeky for another house to claim it??

    • I don’t think Besame are claiming it as such- they’ve been very clear that it’s a replica of the shade 🙂

  8. I just grabbed this shade at one of Trashy Diva’s shops in New Orleans. I’m in love.
    Their brightening powder is fantastic too. I can not use primer, it give me painful cystic acne. But if I dust a little of the Besame over my face, my makeup isn’t moving until I take it off.

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