Crimson Clover Obi Dress

Trashy Diva is one of the oldest vintage reproduction brands and one I have admired from afar but only recently acquired some pieces. The sizes of each piece seems to vary which combined with the higher prices (and expensive shipping) has put me off doing a order for all these years. It’s for these reasons that I was very excited to get to visit their stores in New Orleans in April as it meant I could figure out my sizing a little better and not have to worry about shipping!

Ella Peach dress and Navy last 510 copy
The Crimson Clover Obi Dress was the one that I decided would come home with me after much deliberation. I tried on so many different styles but the Obi felt best and I loved the Crimson Clover pattern.

When trying on the various styles in the shop, I realised that a lot of the styles had a more A-Line shaped or less full skirt, and some were definitely too short for my preference. So, I focused on the fuller skirt styles like the L’Amour, Obi, Lena and Lucy. The L’Amour came in a VERY close second, but the keyhole detail at the bust felt a little much for work.

The Obi is a style that I’ve often oogled at online and always wanted to try so it’s no surprise it ended up being my favourite. The pictures on the website make it look like it’s got sleeves but the bulk of the sleeve fabric is more of a draped effect from the shoulder.
The Obi has a fitted waist panel with a looser fit bust which accentuates your waist. There’s a keyhole detail on the shoulder- a round loop that connects the front and the back. I love this detail although it does mean that you need to wear a strapless bra if you don’t want it to show through.

Ella Peach dress and Navy last 519 copy
Now, one thing I do struggle with this dress is the bust area- It is quite low and exposes one’s bra rather easily (as you can see in some of these pictures). I think I am going to sew a few little stitches a couple of inches up from the underbust seam to solve it.

The tie around the waist is a lovely touch, I prefer to tie it off-centre at the front but you could also tie it around the back if you wanted a cleaner look.
The skirt felt like the fullest out of all the styles I tried and because this dress is made out of a gloriously soft, light Rayon, it drapes beautifully. It does mean it wrinkles pretty easily but it’s well worth it!


So what about sizing? I had initially tried on a size 8 which fitted comfortably and I liked the look of it but it just looked too big around the bust, there was too much draping so it wasn’t flattering. I consulted one of the helpful Trashy Diva girls and she suggested trying the next size down, a size 6. This was much better! It’s a very snug fit in the waist, I almost thought it wasn’t going to zip up but I love the way it looks.

For reference, I am 36″ in the bust and 27″ in the waist- the size 6 is listed to have a 28″ waist on the size chart but I feel like that is a little generous considering how snug it is on me. There’s no stretch to this fabric so I would suggest sizing up if your waist is between sizes. There’s lots of room in the bust so you don’t need to worry about that so much.

Ella Peach dress and Navy last 491 copy

All the Trashy Diva prints are limited edition and sell out super fast. Once it’s sold out, it doesn’t get restocked so if you ever see something you love, jump on it quick! There’s a few sizes left for this Crimson Clover Obi, but I’m sure they won’t last long.
The Crimson Clover Obi is US$176 and goes from sizes 0-24 which is absolutely fabulous- I love it when brands have a decent size range!

Full Outfit Details
Shoes- Shoe Fun
Necklace- Erstwilder
Bangles- Splendette (pink) and Vintage (white)
Petticoat- Malco Modes
Hair Flowers– Sophisticated Lady Hair Accessories 

I love this photo set from Elizabeth J Photography, the whimsical light suits the floaty Obi dress beautifully! I’m so happy with my Trashy Diva purchase, I think there will be more additions in the future!


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  1. I just love your reviews. You always provide answers to questions that I have and I like the detail about putting some stitches in the bust. You look great btw! Anyway, thanks for taking the time to review your outfits and share them. I really appreciate it.

  2. I love your reviews! They’re in depth and give good details. When ironing your vintage reproduction dresses do you use a steamer and if so which one? Much love from Mariah (:

    • I use a steamer 🙂 it doesn’t have a brand on it, it was a cheap one from a local home store x

  3. Hiya!

    There’s one for sale on a forum I’m part of, but I’ve never seen the style in person, so I’m a bit nervous. I have narrow shoulders and a full bust, so I’m worrying that the draping may make me look more frumpy than dreamy. Do you have further thoughts on the draping?

    Hope you’re well!

    • Hi Irene! I personally find the draping really lovely and not frumpy at all! Sometimes off the rack items need a little tweak now and then so I think if you love the style, get it, and then if you need to spend $20 or so to get it sitting just right on you then its worth it! X

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