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Midcentury Cinderella

Disney makes me happy. Vintage makes me happy. Combine the two and you’ll find this 26 year old twirling around like a little girl.

I would like to tell you the tale of how I became the owner of this utterly beautiful vintage dress. It was January 11th and my first photoshoot of 2016, taking place at the wonderful Tock Tick Vintage with Lavonny and Elizabeth J Photography.

Miss Victory Violet
The day was going wonderfully, Lavonny’s studio and home were so perfect for the shoot and everyone was buzzing about the adorable snaps we were getting. About half way through the shoot, the courier arrived with a package for Lavonny. She opened it to reveal a vintage dress she’d bought from Australia to sell in her shop. I saw the pale blue with delicate black eyelet details and the diamante piece just below the bust and knew I needed to try it on!

cinderella1 Cinderella

I waited until the end of the shoot then carefully slipped it on, holding my breath and hoping it would fit. It did, it fitted wonderfully and made me feel like Cinderella! I walked out into the studio to show Lavonny and Liz and they both just went ‘ooooooh’. Needless to say, I said to Lavonny very quickly ‘I’ll take it!’- I knew it would be absolutely perfect to take to Viva Las Vegas!

Since Lavonny had only just received it and normally does drycleaning and any mending needed (this needed some rhinestones replaced), I left it in her capable hands and picked it up in time for this photoshoot with Tony McKay and of course Viva.


Because of the fullness and tea length of the skirt, I did run into one little problem- I didn’t have a appropriate petticoat to wear with it! All of mine were far too short and created that annoying shelf look- not what I wanted! Thankfully, the team at Malco Modes came to the rescue and created a custom petticoat to compliment the skirt. I wanted it extra voluminous, especially since it was going to be longer and that can mean that you don’t see the fullness so much. I settled on the Malco Modes Madeline style which is one step down from their fullest style, the Michelle. They both actually have the same number of layers, it’s just that the Madeline only has 60 yards of netting compared to the 80 yards of the Michelle.

Cinderella cinderella3

I asked for the length to be 30″ as the skirt of the dress was just over that. I knew that if the petticoat ended up peeking out the bottom, I could always adjust the waistband to one of the shorter settings to take 1-2″ off the length. The end result was spot on and really made the dress look wonderful,


You might have noticed that the bodice of the dress is actually unlined and sheer! I don’t know if it was made to be intentionally worn like that or if there had originally been a slip underneath. For this shoot, I hadn’t quite found the right colour to wear underneath (I found the perfect shade of pale blue a few weeks later in time for Viva) and so wore a nude bra to help minimize how obvious it is.

This dress is made out of a rayon and is in very good condition for it’s age. There’s some very subtle fading on the shoulder, probably from hanging somewhere in the sunlight. I really felt like I hit the jackpot when I knew I could make it mine.

Cinderella4 20160404_4806-2

Full Outfit Details
Fascinator- White Purls
Earrings- Lovisa
Gloves- Vintage
Shoes- Miss L Fire
Petticoat- Malco Modes

I’d like to thank the wonderful Lavonny for Tock Tick Vintage, my Vintage Fairy Godmother and one of the sweetest people I know. Thank you also to Tony McKay for the stunning photos taken in the Hamilton Gardens. This vintage beauty is my very own fairytale <3


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  1. That is probably the prettiest dress I’ve ever seen, it’s so perfect especially with the petticoat. I really need a 60 yard petticoat in my wardrobe to go with my Vivien of Holloway dresses. They are too heavy to wear with smaller ones and end up looking not voluminous enough for my taste. I don’t always want to wear 2-3 petticoats, when I could just wear one 🙂

  2. Would love to see a review of your Miss L Fire shoes from this shoot. I noticed you wore them a lot in Vegas. I am guessing they are comfortable? The dress is a dream and the photo’s are spot on gorgeous!

  3. This is my first time seeing you. In my opinion, the words “stunning, breathtaking, beautiful, gorgeous, classy, elegant, stupendous” are words that can not describe you and your appearance. And I say this without seeing any other photos of you. You simply are the 21st century “Grace Kelly……I truly wish I could meet and love a Lady such as yourself!!!

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