My Week In Outfits! (12/07-16/07)

Sweater, Skirt and Coat- Collectif Clothing
Petticoat- Malco Modes
Shoes- Royal Vintage Shoes
Bag- Vintage

MyWeekInOutfitsJuly1601 MyWeekInOutfitsJuly1602 MyWeekInOutfitsJuly1606

Dress- Miss Candyfloss
Coat- Collectif Clothing
Shoes- BAIT Footwear
Belt- Kmart
Cardigan Clips- Vintage
Pin- Besame Cosmetics
Bag- Vintage

MyWeekInOutfitsJuly1603 MyWeekInOutfitsJuly1604 MyWeekInOutfitsJuly1610

Sweater- Miss Fortune
Skirt- Collectif Clothing
Belt and Hairscarf- Pinup Girl Clothing
Shoes- 19Black / BAIT Footwear

MyWeekInOutfitsJuly1605 MyWeekInOutfitsJuly1607 MyWeekInOutfitsJuly1611

Blouse- Freddies of Pinewood
Cardigan- Emmy Designs
Skirt- Doll Me Up
Belt- Pinup Girl Clothing
Shoes- BAIT Footwear
Necklace- Trashy Diva
Petticoat- Malco Modes

MyWeekInOutfitsJuly1608 MyWeekInOutfitsJuly1615 MyWeekInOutfitsJuly1612

Dress- Vintage
Cardigan, Bag and Belt- Pinup Girl Clothing
Coat- Collectif Clothing
Shoes- Bettie Page Clothing
Petticoat- Malco Modes
Hair Flowers- Shazam Pinup Flowers
Bangles- Vintage

MyWeekInOutfitsJuly1609 MyWeekInOutfitsJuly1614 MyWeekInOutfitsJuly1613


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  1. Love that plaid Collectif jumper skirt!
    That purple Miss Candy floss dress is amazing! It’s very vintage looking. I had a black wiggle dress many years ago that was vintage and it was styled very much like this! So classy! It had the big buttons on the angle like that on the back and a peplum. It would never fit me now. I wish I had kept it to pass on to one of you girls!
    I love this entire post! I love the way accessorize! I need to get more sweater clips and start using them on collars like you do! XO

    • I live in New Zealand in the Southern Hemisphere so we are in the middle of winter currently. Definitely need a coat 🙂

  2. Miss V,
    You are a stone-cold fox!!! The argyle outfit slayed me!!! (swoon!) I’ve been rocking Billy style for a many years, since before the birth of my son, who is now 3. I went from coke-bottle shaped to, well, coke can shaped. (Lol). I’m very muscular, stocky, athletic build now, but I’m still foxy. Wondering if you have any fashion tricks or style pointers for gals who have (maybe permanently) lost their dazzling waistline.

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