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Kingfisher Harlequin + Winged Pockets

As much as I love bright colours, I’m also a huge fan of slightly more subdued, earthy tones like mustard, tans and deep reds. So, when I spotted that the Miss Fortune Bobbie Jumper Kingfisher Blue combined both a gorgeously bright blue with mustard and red, this unusual combination really appealed. Plus, I am all about knitwear right now since I’m heading into a UK winter… brrrrr!


There was one little problem with picking out this sweater though- believe it or not, I felt like I didn’t have anything to wear on the bottom with it! I felt like a plain red skirt would be the best match for the colours, something to contrast with the blue. But I didn’t own a plain red skirt so when the lovely Laura of Miss Fortune offered to make me one, I of course couldn’t say no!

Off she went to hunt for some red fabric and the closest match she could find to the red of the sweater was this slightly deeper red. I really prefer this kind of red against the brightness of the blue as it mellows it out a little while still being a statement. Too bright and I think it could have verged on garish.


I was expecting just a nice simple circle skirt but I was totally blown away when Laura created this gorgeous piece with the adorable winged pockets and button design.  This small detail really adds that little extra pazazz! Laura mentioned on her Instagram that this design may make a debut in her next collection so fingers crossed as it’s just such a lovely skirt!

The Bobbie Jumper is perfect for the sweater girl look and is made to be worn with high waisted skirts or trousers as it stops just after the waist. I absolutely love this as there is nothing worse than having a whole bunch of bulky excess fabric you’ve got to try to disguise underneath your skirt!

I’m wearing a size small for a nice snug fit. There’s lots of stretch to this sweater and since the different colours are actually all woven into it and not just printed, it doesn’t look odd if you over-stretch it. The knit itself is a acrylic but quite thick so it’s the perfect style for when there’s a chill in the air but isn’t too cold. Personally, I would have preferred slight longer sleeves as I feel like they end at the chunkiest part of my arms and so another couple of inches I think would have been that little bit more flattering.


I had a lot of fun choosing how I was going to accessorise this outfit. Since I had matched the red in the sweater with the skirt, I decided to go with my mustard yellow heels and teal blue petticoat to bring in the other colours. Creating the perfect Splendette Bangle stack was also a heck of a lot of fun!


Full Outfit Details
Jumper and Skirt – Miss Fortune
Petticoat – Malco Modes
Shoes – BAIT Footwear
Bangles – Splendette
Earrings – Retro Resins


The Bobbie Jumper comes in several other beautiful colourways- I also have Aqua Blue and love the Peach and Mustard versions!

A big thank you to Elizabeth J Photography for the shots with this gorgeous vintage scooter! It seemed like the perfect prop for this fun and colourful outfit!


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Disclaimer: Whilst these items were gifted to me, I never accept anything that I do not truly love and all opinions expressed are honest and my own. The integrity and honesty of my blog is very important to me as are my readers

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  1. Love the colour of that skirt. I have a couple swing skirts with pockets and having them is so convenient and comfortable so fingers crossed!

  2. Love this combo and that skirt is to die for! I love how you can take the most preppy/traditional outfit and make it look va va voom! Simply love your style.

  3. Solid single-colour skirts are underrated! I don’t have any (although I should) because my eye is always drawn the the bright printed ones instead. The single colour really allows the pocket detail to shine, and we can see the nice draping of the fabric too.

  4. TOO cute! This skirt is PERFECTION with it – I love the wing pockets and all the details.It’s a perfect match! And that scooter! Ah! Too good, TOO GOOD! =D

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