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B.A.I.T Lacey Heels from Royal Vintage Shoes

The B.A.I.T Footwear Lacey Heels in Cream from Royal Vintage Shoes is almost everything I could ever ask for in a shoe and in my opinion, lend themselves so well to both 1940s and 1950s style.

For me, the Lacey ticks all the boxes- strappy design without showing too much toe, T-Bar and ankle strap which means good stability and a 4″ heel slightly chunkier heel with a small platform so walking is a breeze.


4″ is definitely on the higher end of what I like to have for a heel but I find these incredibly easy to walk in and regularly wore them to work at the salon. I did have to change to flats after about 6-7 hours but that is normal for me with almost any heeled shoe- the floor at the salon was concrete and if I was fully booked, I’d be standing the whole time so it was necessary to switch my shoes and change the pressure points.


The only area of the Lacey Heel that I can say caused any discomfort was at the sides. I found for the first 30 mins or so, this felt quite tight and dug in a little bit (I do have wide feet) but once the material warmed up, this discomfort went away.

I went with my usual size 8.5 in B.A.I.T, I’m typically a EU39 so it’s consistent with the Royal Vintage Shoes Size Chart. They recommend sizing up 1/2 a size if you have wide feet and the good thing about doing this is that the ankle strap will keep you secure if they are on the bigger side. However, I didn’t feel like this was necessary and there are little tricks like wearing thick socks and heating the tighter area with a hairdryer than can help to stretch the material.


The Lacey is made out of a vegan man-made leather so it’s not going to stretch and give the same as a genuine leather you should definitely be able to ease any tight areas with a bit of persisting.

I love the Lacey, the cream colour is light enough to still be able to get away with wearing them with white items but serves as a great neutral tone for anything where a true white would be too stark.

The Lacey Heel is US$75 from Royal Vintage Shoes and they ship worldwide. I’d highly recommend looking at the rest of the shoes stocked on the website as there’s some beauties! I am super excited about the brand new Royal Vintage Collection due out soon- it’s all 1940s goodness!


A big thank you to Katherine of The Undefined Photography for the photos- the full outfit will be detailed in a upcoming post.


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  1. These are gorgeous. I do have a question to ask, you mention heating tight shoes with a hairdryer, can you do this with suede type shoes or will it damage them? I have a pair that could use a bit of help.

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