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London Calling

Well, we made it! After 28 hours of travel, we touched down at London Heathrow last Monday afternoon. It almost didn’t seem real that we were coming to stay and not just on holiday!

Photo 15-08-16, 11 26 09 AM

It’s been a week since we landed and we’ve been busy getting our lives sorted and recovering from the jetlag (although Matt never seems to have any trouble and sleeps through the night from day 1). We were very lucky to have a English friend already over here to move in with and he found a awesome 2 bedroom flat in Thames Ditton which is right by Hampton Court in the southwest of London. It’s quite a way out of the city, a solid hour on the train BUT it’s how I imagined living in England would be like- cute houses with rose buses and a little village up the road perfect for weekend lunches!

Photo 15-08-16, 4 19 51 PM

There’s a beautiful little park right by the river and looking towards Hampton Court about a 5 minute walk from our house which is utterly gorgeous. I think this week we will hire a boat and go for a cruise!


Our friend found the flat only a few weeks ago and the landlord was hoping to get all the re-painting and new carpet that needed to go in before we arrived but it didn’t quite happen in time. So this week we’ve been getting everything finished. It’s all just about done so the carpet is booked to be laid down this week. I’m a little over having to live out of suitcase and sleeping on a mattress on the floor but as soon as the carpet is done, we can start setting up!

Photo 15-08-16, 4 33 34 PM

We’ve done a few trips to Kingston which is a great shopping area and not too far from where we are living. There’s lots of things I didn’t bother bringing over like a hairdryer, sports shoes etc, so we’ve had to go and buy all of those sorts of things. Then there’s all the stuff like getting our phones set up and bank accounts sorted!

We also had to go into London to pick up our Biometric Residence Permit which is part of our Visa and basically just a I.D card. The weather was beautiful (albeit a little TOO hot) the first few days we were here which made running these errands a lot more pleasant!

Photo 17-08-16, 10 55 55 AM

On Friday I ventured into the city for the first time by myself for a meeting with Pippa from Collectif and to attend the Self-Love and Style event at their store. I got to FINALLY meet Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust who I have been friends with on Facebook for years and lots of other lovely ladies. The event was organised by the wonderful Abby (@curvyliving) and was really uplifting and inspirational.

Photo 19-08-16, 10 01 44 PM

Since then, we’ve just been chilling out at home- yesterday we walked to the nearest Tesco’s, stocked up on food and had a epic Sunday roast for dinner!

This week is shaping up to be pretty busy with lots of fun things planned like checking out Hampton Palace and a photoshoot at Mayfield Lavender Farm!
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  1. So so beautiful! Those houses are amazing, you rarely see anything like that in Auckland. You must look at each other now and then and say “oh my gosh we actually LIVE here?!” – I know I will be doing that!!

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