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To New Beginnings and Big Adventures

If you haven’t caught up on the news on my social media accounts, Matt and I are moving from our home country of New Zealand, to the big city of London, England!

It was a big decision to make but at the same time, very easy too. We’ve really been enjoying and incredibly lucky to get to travel around the last few years but when you live down here in New Zealand, it’s expensive and you’ve got to go for at least a few weeks to make it worth your while.

So… at the start of the year with our amazing month in the USA coming up in April, I started looking ahead to what we would do when we got back. I knew I wanted to keep travelling but we couldn’t continue doing it the way we have- saving for nearly a whole year and spending it all on one trip. Don’t get me wrong, our travels have been amazing but doing it that way didn’t let us progress with anything else.
I knew we were nearing a point of having to make a choice. We either needed to stop travelling and start saving towards buying a house (which are notoriously expensive in Auckland) or do something completely different.

I wasn’t ready to give up the travelling, there’s still so much to see, especially in Europe! I figured that house prices are expensive now, they’ll be just as expensive in a few years and we have the rest of our lives to pay off a mortgage- what does it matter if we delay it by a few more years.

So… we talked about London. Inspired by my Mum who moved over to Dublin by herself two years ago and is loving it, I thought ‘if she can do it, we certainly can!’. The idea of getting to be in the hub of London with Europe at our fingertips was pretty exciting.

We applied for the 2 year visa which we are eligible for and when they came back in the post and were approved, I burst into tears of relief. I really wanted this to happen but I’m a bit of a worrier so knowing it was all confirmed was wonderful!

It’s crazy to think that next week, on August 14th, we will fly with a one-way ticket to London. We have somewhere to live all sorted but no jobs yet, which to a control freak like me makes me a little nervous! But I’m sure it will all come together and I can’t wait for this new chapter of our lives. I’ve decided to try to find work outside of hairdressing as as much as I love it, I want to take this opportunity to try something new.

And yes, we know that it isn’t the best timing with Brexit as many people have warned us, but everything was already in motion before that decision happened. We will be able to make the best of it.

If the blog is a little quieter than normal for the next month, it’s because I’m busy setting up but rest assured, it won’t last long. I’ve got lots of plans for new things and can’t wait to get settled in!


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  1. I’ll be following your setting-up adventures closely before I head over in September myself! Still have to sort out a place to live, pretty sure we’ll Air BnB it for a month or so, what did you organise?

    Safe travels and good luck with everything! So exciting!!

    – Emma

    • So we are very lucky to have a English friend already living over there who wanted to flat share with us. He’s been flat hunting for the last month and found us a two bedroom place in the Southwest. So we can move straight in! Very lucky! If that hadn’t worked out, we probably would have done AirBnB or looked at short term sub-lets in a flat.
      Good luck for your move! x

      • Hi Miss Victory Violet:) I made that big decision in my life a year ago and moved from Poland to Scotland:) Traveling, meating new people and improve our self that you can do something else in your life is the best what can happend. It was stres for me as well how everything will go but all is good:) You will fine a job easy, you will see:) Don’t worry about brexit. It will jot happen that soon… If will happend. You need to visit Scotland as well is amazing! Hope to meet you one day! Good luck! I keep my ginger cross for you:)

  2. Such exciting news!! And please don’t worry about BREXIT, nothing has actually changed on a day to day living basis, so I’m sure you will find jobs, just as easily as before. Hurry on over, we are having some beautiful summer weather right now…

  3. This sounds like an amazing adventure!
    I’m sure you will love Europe. I’m from Germany and have been in London for several times now. It’s such an amazing city. I wish you only the best and good luck for your move!!

    Many hugs,
    Sandra <3

  4. Fantastic! Have you ever thought of promoting yourself as a pinup hair and makeup artist? If you were to tour the country im sure you’d get booked up! I live up in Scotland but I’d love to meet you in your time in the UK, maybe at your class πŸ™‚ Best of luck! x

  5. Beyond exciting. I have been following on fb and instagram for quite a while now and think it’s amazing you’re coming to live over here in the UK. I’m about an hour north of London by train. There’s an amazing salon called rockalily that’s right up your street, good luck lovelies.

  6. It all sounds so exciting. I live in Manchester but love the big city. So many places to explore and loads of little vintage finds. Really looking forward to seeing your adventures on the blog. Don’t worry about Brexit. There are no changes to take place for 2 years so just as things may start to change you may be leaving us again! Xx

  7. I know exactly how you’re feeling! It happend to me and my hubby almost 10 years ago, when we decided to mo e to New Zealand. We had no jobs here, I had just graduated from uni and I didn’t speak english! But everything settle down and today we’re New Zealand citizens!! Don’t worry, you can make it and one thing I always had in mind “if anything goes wrong, I can always go back home” πŸ™‚
    Good luck and all the bes always!!! Xx

  8. That’s fantastic news! I moved to London two years ago without a job either but managed to find one in my field (make up) very quickly. There’s lots of opportunities here and you already have plenty of fans who will support you. I’m one of them! Good luck with everything! xxx

  9. Good luck , you’ll love London and there are plenty of us here who can point you in the right direction for things !

  10. I’m so excited for you! I’m actually moving 250 miles to west London myself in a couple of weeks time with no job either – daunting but I keep getting told I’ll snap one up in no time, and I’m confident you guys will too.

    Good luck with the big move, will be following your adventures when you’re settled! πŸ™‚ x

  11. I admire you so much for doing this. London is amazing, you won’t regret it. It will be wonderful to have you here. As for a job, I am sure you will be snapped up in no time! You are so talented! Good luck with the move and welcome to the UK Ella! x

  12. Oooh, this is exciting! Good luck with the move and job hunting! It’s good to know that I’ll have someone I know (kind of ;)) over there when I decide to visit London. hi hi

  13. Good luck with the move – we are a very welcoming city, despite what many people think. And the best city in the world!

  14. Oh darn…auto correct…not ‘random’, but “and I’m pretty sure you’ll have it”. (How that happened is beyond me)

  15. Congratulations and good luck with the big move, I’m sure it’s a bit scary but will be an amazing adventure. I’m sure you’ll both love it here and there’s so many great places to visit and explore.

  16. I totally understand your decision and it is a great one ! I made the same and moved in London last June ! The city is amazing and people are really nice. Don’t worry to find a job, people here are welcoming and can create a post if they think you worth it ! (And you do of course!) Let us know if you plan anything in the city to meet fans (;) ), or where you will work, I would love to meet you and have your advices with my head ! Good luck and welcome to the beautiful city of London !

  17. So very excited for you and your husband. I can not wait to further follow your journey. I just wish I had gone to this years Viva so I could have met you, but if you make it to #20 I truly hope we meet. You were the first pinup I stated following in my re-emergence into the culture.

  18. Ohhh I am so excited for you! I know you have moved already now! This is something my partner and I are discussing! OMG I cant wait to hear how its all going and am following you- maybe nearly stalker mode hahaha!!! Good luck oxox

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