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The Valley of Fire – Part Two

Back in April, I was in Las Vegas for Viva and did a photoshoot with Lars / Made in Eighty in the Valley of Fire. I’ve already shared half of the images (click here) where I was wearing a beautiful custom made dress from CurvyCouture by Judy Dee but here’s the second half!

The Valley of Fire is a State Park just over a over outside of Vegas. Wandering around in the desert in my lingerie was a kind of hilarious and suffice to say… my stockings certainly didn’t survive! I even had to climb up a couple of large rocks which wasn’t the easiest in a corset but it was all worth it because we got some epic shots!

Full Outfit Details
Bra, Knickers, Suspender Belt and Stockings- What Katie Did
Corset– Orchard Corset
Sheer Robe– Kiss Me Deadly


Made In Eighty

Made In Eighty

IMG_1796 (1)


Made In Eighty



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  1. wow absolutly stunning. Such beautiful lighting and colours! I would say “you are so effortlessly beautiful” but perhaps that doesn’t give credit to how much work goes into getting photos this great!

  2. You are mesmerizing in these photos!
    Did they name that robe after you? I can no longer find it for sale on the Kiss Me Deadly site, but I believe they called it Ella:)

  3. Such gorgeous images, Miss Victory Violet. I am a few years older than you, and I suffered from Anorexia Nervosa for most of my teens and into my twenties. If only I had have had such a wonderful role model in you back then, I may have been a much healthier adolescent. Nevermind: Better late than never. You and I share a very similar shape and size, and I think you look absolutely stunning. Since I have seen you and a couple of other pinups like you, I have started to make peace with my body. Please continue to do what you do: believe it or not, you are actually saving lives. So much gratitude.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous photos, everything work so well together. Too bad the stockings didn’t survive, but when do they ever? 😀
    What Katie Did lingerie is also the best, I have many pieces from them, but not that particular set 🙂

  5. These are editorial standard photos, wow! But I wonder, are these photoshopped at all? You look so different from your other pictures particularly your arms..maybe I’m just used to seeing glossy magazine standard pictures that have been edited and my brain is tricking me!

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