The Venus-Cathy Dress

I’ve developed a little bit of a obsession with anything with embroidery on it. I just adore running my hands over it and feeling those smooth textured bumps. Plus, most embroidery on vintage tends to be floral and we all know how I feel about that!


Most of my embroidery fix is satisfied with true vintage pieces, there’s not a lot of it around in the vintage reproduction world. However, the Venus-Cathy Dress from Miss Candyfloss caught my eye with it’s beautiful bright blue colour and fully embroidered fabric.


The puff sleeves on this dress give it a real Disney Princess feel to me, almost like a modern version of Cinderella. However, it also makes it feel a little on the edge of 1980s so I carefully accessorised.

I had some perfectly matching vintage clip-on earrings but they definitely enhanced the 80s vibe so I opted for beads instead. Coloured beads of course also made a come-back in the 80s but somehow they worked better with this outfit than the earrings.


The Venus-Cathy has a gorgeous shaped neckline that really opens up the décolletage and is a little low at the bust-line but you are still perfectly able to wear a regular bra. It also features a ‘V’ shaped back, subtle pleating at the bust and skirt, and a matching belt.

I’m wearing my usual size I take in Miss Candyfloss- a size medium. I’ve mentioned in past posts that there are some styles that potentially I could fit into a small, but it’s all dependant on the bust and arms for me. Sizing up to a medium means that the waist is usually pretty big and therefore so is the belt. I simply create a new hole in the belt using a sharp knife when this is a issue.

Because the Venus-Cathy is lined and the fabric has a lot less give than some of their other standard fabrics, you do need to pay careful attention to the size chart and I’d advise sizing up if inbetween. I find this a lot firmer fitting than other Miss Candyfloss size Mediums, especially through the bust. I also found the band at the sleeves very tight so bear that in mind too.

The embroidery itself is just lovely and the colour is so vibrant. One great feature of this dress is actually little bra strap holders at the top of the shoulder since it is a wider neckline. I love little details like that!


Full Outfit Details
Dress- Miss Candyfloss
Shoes- Lola Ramona
Petticoat- Malco Modes
Necklace and Bangles- Vintage
Hair Flowers- Sophisticated Lady

The Venus-Cathy Dress is a older style so there’s only sizes XS-L left on the website. I think this dress would be a gorgeous option as a Cinderella Cosplay- just add a black choker, updo with bumper bangs and some gloves!


Thank you to the wonderful Elizabeth J Photography for these lovely shots inside the Peace and Plenty Inn. It’s a bit of a hidden gem over in Devonport and offers high tea as well as beautifully furnished victorian rooms.


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Disclaimer: Whilst this dress was gifted to me, I never accept anything that I do not truly love and all opinions expressed are honest and my own. The integrity and honesty of my blog is very important to me as are my readers

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  1. I find my belts too big often too so if its made out of fabric I just fold it right next to buckle and sew it in place 🙂

  2. This dress is so pretty and I love that it has the bra strap holders.
    A little top for adding new holes in belts, get yourself a belt hold puncher. They have an adjustable wheel with different sized pressers and you can also get the metal belt hole presser as well which is handy. Using a knife is way too risky, you should damage your belts

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