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Vintage Watercolour Silk

Today I am bringing you a dress that I’ve been dying to share for months now! I bought it way back at the start of the year on the Ooh La La! Vintage Sell and Swap Group on Facebook have been waiting for the right occasion to either wear or shoot in it!


It was only my second purchase from the fabulous group (there’s been several since!) and came from a woman over in Australia. I initially hesitated (heavens knows why) but the price of only AUD$80 and the fact that it was advertised as being deadstock AND silk taffeta meant I had to try it. Shout out to my fabulous friend Danielle from Devel who tagged me in the for sale post, alerting my attention to it!

When she arrived, I couldn’t believe how perfectly she fitted me. There was definitely no buyers remorse!

She did need a teeny, tiny bit of work done though. The velvet bow on the front was originally really long, well past the waist which to me, distracted from the beautiful bust shaping. It was also looking off-centre so had Linda McCarthy Studio (who’s fantastic with vintage) re-work the bow and shorten the tails.

The other thing that wasn’t quite right was the belt – it was a very royal purple grosgrain ribbon with the floral silk fabric on the underside. I felt like it was a little bit of a after-thought, perhaps added at a later time? In any case, the royal purple just wasn’t the right colour alongside the softer purple of the velvet bow. Linda worked her magic, unpicking the belt and switching the fabrics around so that it was the same as the dress.


I’m much happier with it now, it much more cohesive! The belt actually does have a little bow at the fastening (again in the same fabric as the rest of the dress) but for this shoot I wore the bow at the back so it didn’t become too cluttered.


Now that I’ve been buying a bit more vintage, I’ve discovered that my chunky upper arms can be much more of a problem than when buy new reproduction. Thankfully because of these cute puff sleeves which don’t actually continue around to the underside, there were absolutely no problems.
I also love that the pleating in the skirt gives it enough fullness for my taste (I can still fit a big petticoat underneath) but with a lovely streamlined look.


The reason it’s taken me a while to share this dress is because accessorising it was rather difficult! The green in the floral print is almost a minty green and since the purple isn’t overly bright, finding the right items to go with it proved tricky.


I went with soft purples and bright greens. The perfectionist side of me isn’t *quite* happy with my shoes as they aren’t the same green as the gloves BUT it was the best option I had. I love that a couple of my accessories have sentimental significance to me – for instance, the hat was one of my only purchases at this years Very Vintage Day Out and the gloves I found at the Charleston Antique Market in Las Vegas only a week later.


Full Outfit Details
Dress – Vintage (similar here)
Hat – Vintage (similar here)
Gloves – Vintage (similar here)
Hair FlowersShazam Pinup Hair Flowers
Petticoat Malco Modes
Shoes – Cristofoli from Shoe Fun


A big thank you to Katherine of The Undefined Photography for these stunning shots at Pah Homestead. It was a awfully cold, wet and windy day but you certainly wouldn’t know it from these photos!


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  1. Absolutely fantastic and I can’t keep my eyes off the hat! XO Have a great trip and I hope you’ll love England and be very successful there! I have no doubt that you both will be. XO

  2. That dress was made you so, stunning! You are a fashion icon and now you won’t have to pay excessive postage in London 🙂 Living in Australia means that you can pay $60 postage for a $69 item 🙁

  3. That type of sleeve is called a cap sleeve. Petal sleeves are also one to look out for. That dress was such a great find and you look amaxing!

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