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I am a little bit obsessed with collecting bangles and now have a rather large display of them! I often get asked where to find them so this post will help serve as a guide for starting or adding to your own collection. Bangles are a easy way to accessorise and can be super budget friendly so even if you just aim to have one of each colour, it can give you lots of options for adding that extra something to your outfit.

Note that this guide is purely for non-bakelite bangles. I haven’t quite dived into that world because I find the prices just nuts so I stick to the cheaper alternative.

Thrifting/Op Shopping
Surprisingly my entire collection is only from the last 18 months, it’s not like I’ve been collecting for years! Before our trip to the USA last year in March, I had about 5 total and took a few with me on holiday. When I returned, I must have had about 20-30! The vintage and thrift shops in America were AMAZING for finding cheap plastic bangles and of course I found a few good ones at Viva Las Vegas too. I’ve also had a one or two good finds in vintage shops in New Zealand so make sure that you frequent your local thrift shops to pick up a bargain- this is definitely the most budget friendly way to build your collection, you just require a little more persistence and patience.

Ah, the joys of Etsy. You can get lost for days just scrolling through the pages and pages on Etsy! This is a slightly easier way of hunting for second hand and vintage bangles although some of the prices can be pretty expensive (if there are some that are CRAZY expensive then it’s probably Bakelite).

My tip for Etsy is to search ‘plastic bangles bulk’ or ‘plastic bangles lot’ under the ‘vintage’ category. There you should find a few good bulk lots of bangles which sure, perhaps only 2/3 are ones that you’d wear but I’m sure you’ll be able to give the other ones to someone who will like them.

This is a cheaper way of purchasing as some of the individual prices for bangles on Etsy can be pricey.
Make sure you search every few weeks as there’s always new stuff going up. eBay is worth a look too using the same search term.


Clockwise from top left –
Set of 5 | US$10.91
Set of 8 | US$8.96
Set of 28 | US$19.95
Set of 6 | US$24

Another route to go is buying the reproduction resin bangles! Splendette is my ultimate favourite as I just adore the carved designs, beautiful colours and that her Fakelite range really does look like Bakelite (which I can’t afford!). Almost all of my non-thrifted pieces are from Splendette! The prices are of course higher than second hand but even if you just get a few in colours that you will wear often to start, bulk out your collection with second hand finds and slowly add more when you can. You don’t need to buy everything all at once!
Splendette bangles range between £4 and £8 each



As well as resin/plastic bangles, I also really love having some bamboo ones for some more tropical outfits. Lucky Lou Shoes is my go-to as they sell them in sets of 3 for the skinny style and they have a wider width too. I really love that they have both a dark and light wood plus they’ve recently released some resin bangles too.
Lucky Lou Shoes Bangles are between US$5-18.


Lucky Lou Shoes

If you are after something a little different, then take a look at Hellpixie’s creations. She casts each bangle individually and has created some really fun and quirky designs. The bonus is also that she has several sizes available. My favourites are the Rose Gold Glitter and the Watermelon!



Once again, Etsy is a good place to look too! Using search keywords like ‘carved’, ‘resin’ and ‘fakelite’ should help narrow down the results. I asked my friend and accessory Queen Natalie aka Miss Lorelei Louise (who also makes awesome jewellery –RetroResins!) what her favourite bangles on Etsy were. She told me about LorettaLouJewels and they have some wonderful pieces ranging between approx US$16-20.



When you have a decent collection, you’ll also need a great way to store and display them all. I really love the black velvet bangle stands that you can pick up really cheap on Amazon, eBay and even Trademe for my Kiwi readers. I’ve got a 5 tier one but you can also get 3 tiers.


My Collection

So, there you have it! My top places and ways to find vintage style bangles to go with your outfits. Next up on the blog, it’ll be all about create the perfect (or not so perfect as you’ll find out) bangle stack!

If you have any other suggestions of places to shop for bangles, then please leave a link in the comments!


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  1. I love this post! I find bangles a little annoying to wear very often but I do love them! Seeing all the lovely colours and textures here is so gorgeous – almost good enough to eat! Your collection is enviable! Thanks for the shop links.

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