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Bangle Stacking 101

Bangle stacking is like a fun puzzle I have to solve with every outfit I wear. I feel like there is definitely a art to it and that’s what inspired me to create today’s post. Earlier in the week I posted the Bangle Buying Guide and today I’ll share some tips on stacking along with some examples of matching stacks of 3 and 5 bangles with colourful prints.

Now obviously you need to take this all with a grain of salt. There is no right or wrong way to stack your bangles, these are just my preferences of what I personally think look good.

Depending on my activities for the day, I’ll either just wear 1, 3 or go full-on with 5 bangles. I think that a odd number is always going to work best especially if you are incorporating 2-3 different colours.

My basic rules when putting together a stack are:

1. A mix of wide and slim bangles
A good bangle stack in my opinion has a mix of widths.

2. Mostly carved bangles with a few smooth ones
A really love a mix of textures in my bangle stack so always try to have predominantly carved styles (Splendette is GREAT for this) with some smooth ones to balance it out.

3. One feature colour with 1-2 complimentary colours
Look at the outfit you are trying to match and pick what your feature colour will be- this will mean that for instance if you are doing a 5 stack, 3 of the bangles will be the feature colour. You can then add in 1-2 more other colours which also feature in the outfit.

4. Try to avoid symmetry with the colour stacking if you have more than 2 colours
This one is HARD for me! Usually I’m a huge fan of symmetry and mirroring but when it comes to bangle stacking, I do feel like the more random looking the better. You can always have two different shades of the same colour to help with this.

The difference between when I’m stacking 3 or 5 bangles:

When stacking just 3 bangles, I will tend to only use two colour, sometimes 2 shades of the featured colour. I’m also a lot more picky about the width of the bangle as I think it’s quite important when you are only stacking 3. So, I’ll either usually have 2x wide widths with 1x slim or vice versa.

So, here are some examples that I put together. You might notice that some of these combinations don’t meet my ‘rules’ so once again, reiterating that this just serves as a guide of what I’m normally aiming for.


Teal & Pink Bangles- Splendette
Black Bangle- Thrifted
Skirt- Pinup Girl Clothing


Tan & Butterscotch Bangles- Splendette
White Bamboo Bangle- Thrifted
Dress- Vivien of Holloway


Whole Stack- Splendette
Dress – Collectif Clothing


Pinks & Glitter Blue Bangle- Splendette
Smooth Blue Bangles- Thrifted
Dress – Pinup Girl Clothing

Is it weird how much joy I get out of creating the perfect stack? It’s one of my favourite parts of putting a outfit together for sure!

Happy stacking and don’t forget to check out the accompanying post ‘Bangle Buying Guide‘ for where is best to add to your collection.


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  1. Although I am not really a bangle wearer, I have to give you props for the details you put into your appearance. I am always referencing your site for authentic retro looks and you always have something new for me to incorporate into my look. I think you are awesome for putting so much effort into bangle stacking. There is no better feeling than knowing you are stepping out in a well put together outfit. One of my favorite comments I get on a regular basis is women don’t put much effort into their appearance anymore and all kinds of people find my look classy. The details matter, so thank you once again, and who knows I might have a few bangle purchases in my near future….

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