Miss VV Around The World

Miss VV Goes To TopVintage

Last week I flew to The Netherlands for a photoshoot with TopVintage Boutique at their headquarters in Kerkrade. It was a crazy busy 2 days but SO much fun. Everyone was incredibly friendly and kind and getting to meet/shoot with Vanessa Frankenstein and Ava Elderwood was such a treat.

I took lots of video throughout my time there and put together a behind the scenes film on YouTube. All the items we are modelling are available/soon to be available at TopVintage.

I’m looking forward to heading back there next month, they are such a fun team!


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  1. Lovely video, looks like you had so much fun!

    I’m not quite sure if you have made a hair tutorial previously, but I’d truly love to learn how you do your hair. I’m having so much trouble with my hair, because half of my hair straightens out and the rest goes frizzy when I’m combing through curls and they don’t quite turn out the way I would want them to be. I’ll search for tutorials on your site, but in case there isn’t one about your lovely hair, I sure would want to read about it or maybe even watch a video 🙂

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