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During our trip to the USA in April/May, I was always on the lookout for vintage shops and quite often googled ahead of arriving in a city about which shops to seek out (I’ve created a list of all the best ones I’ve visited here). Vintage shopping in America is incredible and I was specifically looking for a stunner of a dress, something really special. I really wanted one of those poofy prom dresses but alas, every one I found was way too tiny.


When I stumbled upon Moonshine Nettie just hours after arriving in New Orleans and when we were our on our first stroll around the French Quarter, I didn’t realise that this dress I ended up buying was going to be ‘that dress’. Sure, it was super gorgeous and fitted like a dream, hence why I bought it, but it was in need of good clean and had lost it’s sparkle.


When I got back to New Zealand, I couldn’t wait to attempt to bring her back to life. It wasn’t super straight forward but you can read about the process in my ‘Restoring a True Vintage Dress‘ post. I couldn’t believe the results and I fell even more in love with the dress.


From the 1950s, this dress has a built in net petticoat layer, with a soft pink layer over the top and then the white sheer floral fabric over that. The top layer has delicate flocked flowers all over it which my favourite aspect of the dress. Well, that and the glamorous tea length hemline!


The contrasting velvet accents under the bust draw the eye to the beautiful gathers and also feature on the back. There are 5 velvet bows that make their way down the skirt from the waist.

Boasting a super duper full skirt, this dress really does make me feel like a princess.


I knew finding the right accessories would be important. Firstly, I wanted perfectly matching gloves as so while we were still travelling in the USA, I carefully snipped off one of the bows at the back and carried that round in my handbag so I could easily match the colour. I ended up finding these gloves in a Antique Mall in Old Orange County, LA. They are the perfect colour match for the velvet details!

Full Outfit Details
Dress, Gloves and Earrings | Vintage
Fascinator | Fran Hendrickson
Petticoat | Malco Modes


This dress is so special to me now, I can’t believe my luck with finding it! It will be forever known affectionately as my ‘New Orleans Dress’  and will always remind me of how much fun we had on our trip. Thank you to Elizabeth J Photography for capturing this stunner of a dress in all her glory at The Peace and Plenty Inn!

If you’d like to read up on the rest of our adventures in New Orleans and the USA, check out my ‘Miss VV Around The World‘ series here on the blog.


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