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10 Items/23 Outfits | Autumn with TopVintage

I’ve been meaning to do another one of these posts in forever! Well, since my last one over a year ago anyway! I often get asked about how to start building a pinup wardrobe and also about packing for holidays and I think these Capsule Collection posts help with both these topics!

When you are still building your collection up, it’s helpful if you can buy items that will go with the rest of your pieces so that you aren’t stuck in that position of only being able to pair a particular top with only one skirt. Ideally, you’d want that top to go with multiple skirts! Similarly, if you are going away on holiday and have limited luggage space, aim to only be packing items that can all be interchanged with each other for maximum outfit potential!

There are several tricks to increasing options which I’ve blogged about the past. The best one is wearing a dress as a skirt! You simply tuck the bodice in and secure the zip with a safety pin so that you limit the stress you put on it. It doesn’t work with all dresses but it’s wonderful when it does. You can read my tutorial here.

Another trick is to wear a skirt over a dress, transforming the look to a top+skirt combo. It’s simple and effective so long as the dress underneath isn’t longer than the skirt on top.

For this post, I’ve selected my favourites from TopVintage to create a Autumn inspired Capsule Collection. As the weather cools further, you could easily add opaque tights, a extra layer to some of these outfits and a chic scarf or beret.

Included in this Capsule Collection:


1. Stop Staring! Mad Men Swing Dress | Black | €209.95
2. Stop Staring! 50s Arana Floral Dress | Black | €117.48 (on sale)
3. Vintage Chic 50s Jane Dress | Wine | €49.95
4. Bunny 50s Aberdeen Swing Dress | Stewart Tartan | €64.95
5. Bunny 50s Doralee Swing Skirt | Dublin Tartan | €44.95
6. Bunny 50s Vivien Swing Coat | Black | €124.95
7. Vixen 50s Elle Bow Cardigan | Burgandy | €35.95
8. Dancing Days By Banned 40s April Bow Cardigan |Black | €39.95
9. King Louie 40s Una Embroidered Top | Cherry Red | €129.95
10. King Louie 50s Louise Bow Top | Forest Green | €52.95

See my previous Capsule Collection post on Rockabilly Style and Pinup Office Attire.


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