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BaByliss Hot Roller Review

I bought my first and only set of Hot Rollers when I was 13 (well, Mum bought them for me!). Purchased from Farmers Department Store, my Wahl Cutek Hot Rollers lasted me all the way through to just a few months ago at age 26 (although granted they probably had 7-8 year period of never being used). In my mind, they were perfect: 24 rollers meant that I never ran out, the largest size wasn’t too big, the surface of the roller was like a velvet which made rolling really easily and the lid was easy to flip back and forth.


Wahl Cutek Hotrolla

Their demise ended up being a rough baggage handler on the way to Melbourne in June, the lid got smashed (as did both of my two friends sets too!) and while I did continue using them until we left New Zealand in August, I knew they needed to be replaced with new ones when I arrived in the UK.

RIP my special velvet coated friends, you served me well.

So, just a few days after arriving in London, I started the hunt for my new set on Amazon and eBay. I had HOPED that Wahl might still make the same model but those hopes were soon dashed.

I was looking for some very specific things:
-At least 20 rollers, preferably more
-Range of sizes but not too big
-Velvet surface if possible

Bearing these things in mind I trawled the pages and pages and tried different keywords to hopefully produce new results. Amongst the Remington brand there were a couple of models with the velvet surface but one only had 12 rollers and were described as ‘jumbo’ (NOPE). The other model looked really promising (pictured below) and was the closest match to my old version BUT it was for a EU sockets which put me off. In hindsight, I should have just gone with that and got a adapter.


Remington KF20i Hot Rollers

So, I ended up settling for the Babyliss Thermo-Ceramic Hot Rollers. The price point of just £20 was appealing, it had 20 rollers and a bonus was that they came with the big roller clips so I didn’t have to buy them separately.


Babyliss Thermo-Ceramic Hot Roller

However, after my first set I had that twinge of regret set in. It’s not that they are terrible, I’ve still been getting some great sets out of them, it’s just that there are so many little things that annoy me about them!

Firstly, they have a wedge cut away at the bottom where they slot over the bar that heats them. If you aren’t careful when unwinding them from your hair, it can all get a bit tangled! I definitely will be ensuring that any future roller sets I buy are slotted over a spike like my old ones.

Secondly, the big ones are just that little bit too big. They are probably fine for longer hair but for my medium length, it isn’t ideal. I try to avoid using them unless I have to.

Thirdly, the surface of the rollers have ridges which I’d assume is meant to be to help smooth and comb the hair. But I just don’t like them, I feel like they do the opposite and I miss my lovely velvet ones.

And finally, a rather small and insignificant detail to some perhaps but a big one to me, is that the lid can’t be easily opened. With my old set, a simple flick upwards I could open the lid right up to grab a roller and then flick it down again to keep the heat in while winding. With this set, I have to use both hand to open it so end up leaving the lid up the entire time. This makes we wonder how much heat is getting lost from when I start to when I finish and therefore the results of the set.

So is there anything I do like about these rollers? Yes! I like that there’s two heat settings, that they came with the big clips to secure the rollers (although only 15 which seems stupid when there are 20 rollers) and as I said before, I am getting nice set results.

Would I buy them again? No. Will I eventually replace them? Yes. But I’m not in a major rush since they are doing their job… just frustrating me a little in the process! When I do get round to buying new ones, I’ll definitely be going for the Remington KF20i.


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  1. I have them too (they were a Christmas present last year) but my hair is just too thick to hold a hot-roller set. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but a heated-roller set only seems to last me about half an hour before it starts to lose its shape, do you have any useful tips?! I’d love to be able to successfully set my hair with them to avoid sleeping with rollers in!

  2. I don’t have hot rollers yet, but I think I might need to get them. I have a thick hair so 20 rollers is a minimum for me too 🙂 How much time does it take for your hair to set in properly with hot rollers and do you use them with dry or damp hair?

  3. I had wondered for a long time what you used…oddly enough I have that velvet roller set you debated on…love them and they are amazing.

    So I’m glad I have done well now if I could master wet set…ugh.

    • It all depends on your hair type and what you want to achieve. I like to have a set of hot rollers for mornings when I haven’t been bothered to set my hair overnight but don’t want to wash my hair. But usually I will use sponge rollers more as too much heat can be damaging

  4. Thank you! I have Babyliss auto curling iron which I love so I would have purchased their hot rollers without knowing.

  5. I have exactly the same set and agree with all of the above points. They get tangled in my hair and I end up getting annoyed with them. They replaced a set I was using from the 70s which no longer worked. I am now scouring charity shops in the hope of replacing the 70s set. I would definitely not buy again.

  6. I love my Babyliss heated rollers (it seems that hot rollers are the way for me when it comes to getting vintage curls- weirdly it lasts longer on newly-washed hair too)- there weren’t enough of the wee rollers for me so I ordered some more online in place of the biggest rollers. -Hope that can be of some use!

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