Celebrating 10 Years

October 4th is the day that Matt and I celebrate getting together and today it’s a huge 10 years! It’s actually not the anniversary of our first date as that was Friday the 13th and I didn’t think that would be the best omen. So we celebrate our first kiss.

It’s kind of cute actually, it was maybe the 2nd or 3rd time we had hung out together with friends and flirting but still were both feeling super shy around each other. Our friends who were playing matchmakers were dropping so many not-so-subtle hints. So, Matt grabbed a blanket from the sofa and pulled it over us so we could have a pash without the eyes of everyone on us… ah young love! Then he took me out on a date the following week.

Since today marks 10 years, and because I’m not the kind of person to publicly gush, I thought it would be fun to show you some photos and snippets from the last decade. We aren’t perfect, we fight like every other normal couple (relationships aren’t like what’s shown on the TV/Movies!) but we love each other, grew up together and been through big life changes together and I couldn’t imagine a world without him by my side.

We met when I was just 16 and Matt was 18 at a party in South Auckland. He was drunk, I was sober and I told him my name was Mary. He knew I was fibbing though as he’d been stalking me on Bebo (oh Bebo!). Some chatting on MSN, he used my desire to go see Step Up at the movies as a ‘in’ to ask me on our first date, even though he really didn’t want to see it and actually fell asleep!

One of my favourite things about being with Matt in my last year of high school was taking him to my school ball. I had SO MUCH more fun with him there than the previous year. We danced, laughed and just had the best time.

A year of big changes. We both started at University (me doing a Bachelor of Arts, Matt doing Audio Engineering) but after the first semester we both decided it wasn’t for us and worked full-time for the rest of the year. Neither of us left University because the other one had, we both came to the decision on our own but it was nice going through the same thing together.

Our first trip away together, we went to New Caledonia for Matt’s 21st! All of those photos are in a album in storage but we had a really lovely time and it sparked a desire to travel more even though it would be a few years until we went away again.


After 18 months of working, we both got to the point where we wanted to go back to study. I started Hairdressing school and Matt did a course on Cabinet Making. It was a busy year as we juggled going back to studies and part-time jobs.


The start of 3 years of semi-long distance! Matt got an apprenticeship in Marine Cabinetry up in Whangarei which is 2 hours north of Auckland. He travelled down most weekends but it was a little hard, especially for him being up there by himself during the week. I also decided to not only finish my last year of hairdressing school but also do a part-time makeup course AND work in a salon part-time… life was busy to say the least! We became aware of how important quality time was and made sure our time together counted.


The most challenging year. Matt went to Taiwan to work for 5 months and I couldn’t afford to go and visit him. It was hard but we got through it and had our first trip to Viva to look forward to the following year.

Matt asked me to marry him the first night we are in Vegas for Viva. He had been carrying the ring around with him all day when we were sightseeing and even though I had a suspicion that he might propose on the trip, the excitement of being there meant I forgot to conveniently go along with anything he suggested. So I accidentally thwarted his plans a couple of times by being bossy and he proposed at dinner that night. It was really sweet and much more ‘him’ than doing it out in public anyway.


We got married! April 11th we tied the knot with 94 friends and family at Abbeville Estate. It was a really wonderful day and after years of being read to commit to each other, it was amazing to finally get to call one another Husband and Wife.

View More: http://caronnicolephoto.pass.us/mattellawedding

We head overseas on our delayed honeymoon for 6 weeks around the world! It’s the most incredible trip, full of adventure! One of the most memorable nights was our last one in San Francisco where we went on a dinner cruise in the harbour, drank lots of wine, ate good food and just generally were both so happy and excited.

Miss VV Around The World

Not only have we got to do another big holiday, this time travelling throughout the USA, but we also made the huge decision to move from New Zealand to the UK. It was stressful, emotional and thrilling all in one and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without having Matt to talk me down when I was freaking out over nothing.


It’s crazy to think that we’ve been together 10 years! Who knows what the next 10 years will bring for us!

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  1. Ah bebo, I hope you were each others ‘other half’ on it and gave each other all your ‘luv’ :L

    I always love seeing people who’ve stayed together since a young age (I’ve been with my boyfriend since we were 15&16, seven years now)

    Your photos are so cute and I like that it kind of shows off your ‘style evolution’ over the years too!
    I hope you have many more happy years together!

  2. This is so cute! Congrats! I love how you can see you and Matt’s style developing. 🙂 Today it’s been 7 years since me and my husbands first date – crazy how time flies.

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