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The Dress of Dreams

Buying true vintage is all about the hunt but when you live somewhere like New Zealand and quality vintage is hard to find, the hunting sometimes needs to be carried out online. Now that I’m living in the UK, I’m thoroughly enjoying all the vintage spoils on offer here in London and when I travel to Europe.


This beauty of a dress is one that I purchased a few months back when I was still in New Zealand. I came across it on Etsy and was fell so in love with it but the price tag was huge. Like, I’m not even going to tell you! After a few weeks of resisting the temptation, I finally caved after realising that I would have MAJOR regret if I didn’t make this mine.


The cost of it was a little easier to swallow given the knowledge that the condition of the dress was really, really good. So often I’ll see items on Etsy going for a ridiculous amount of money considering it might have stains, holes or busted seams. That wasn’t the case with this gorgeous specimen and the shirring at the back meant that there was more chance that it would be a good fit.


For some reason, I struggle to find a good selection of purple floral dress within the true vintage realm so whenever I do indeed spy one online or in a shop, I get very excited! As you’d know if you scrolled through this blog or my Instagram, I am a little obsessed with floral prints and if it’s purple, even better! This print not only has purple but also a beautiful shade of blue which means I can choose either colour to accessorize.


Featuring a fitted bust and waist that flares out into a gorgeously full skirt, I choose the biggest petticoat I own to enhance the shape. It’s a custom made one from Malco Modes that is also extra long which is perfect for vintage dresses like this one that do sport a longer hemline.


The bust line on this dress is really pretty, the straps are actually only attached at the middle of the bust and at the back so can be positioned at varying heights on the shoulder. I think it looks best right off the shoulder and I love the romantic feel that gives.

Full Outfit Details
Dress | Vintage from RubyFayesVintage on Etsy
Necklace | Vintage
Petticoat | Malco Modes
Shoes | BAIT Footwear
Hair Flowers | Shazam Pinup Flowers (purple) and Sophisticated Lady (blue)


I have zero regrets about buying this dress, it’s what my vintage dreams are made of! I haven’t worn it out yet because I feel like it needs to be a really special occasion… perhaps I’ll save it for Viva Las Vegas next year!

Thank you to The Undefined Photography for the absolutely stunning photos, you can probably tell from how many there are in this post that I had a hard time choosing favourites!


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  1. Just wondering if anyone is having problems receiving subscription emails? I’ve been subscribed for a long time now but have missed out on the last few posts (only noticed from your posts on Instagram) I’ve tried unfollowing and subscribing again but i don’t think it’s working either 🙂

    • Hi lovely, sorry to hear you are having trouble! Have you checked if the emails are going into your spam folder? I haven’t noticed any issues on my end but please I’ll try to investigate! x

  2. This dress is stunning Ella! It’s the perfect dress to have a cup of tea in! 🙂 I was wondering, could you do a review/blog post on your antipodes skincare? I have dry skin and I have the honey mask and love it! I would be interested in using the night cream and eye cream but they are a bit pricey since I live in Canada so I would like to get some information first! Do you use the serums?

    • Thank you Lacy! Have you read my existing Antipodes posts? I’ve reviewed a number of products already 🙂 Just type Antipodes into the search bar or look through the skincare section x

  3. hi, I totally love the dress u are wearing and would love o buy one for me. Im not sure if it comes in plus size. Also I am a guy. Are there any sizing guides I can use?

    • This is a true vintage dress, so it would be a pretty miraculous thing if you found the exact same one

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