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Last week we spent 4 nights in Stockholm for our 10 year anniversary. It was such a fun few days and the weather was incredibly beautiful (although rather chilly!) the entire time. I’ve posted a video over on YouTube with lots of snippets from our time there and in this post I’ll go into more detail of what we got up to!

It was a early start for us, a taxi came to pick us up for the airport at 5.30am. We flew Norwegian Airlines from London Gatwick to Stockholm Arlanda which is around 2 hours. Our first experience with Norwegian was really good especially for the price- I’ll definitely be trying to fly with them over RyanAir in the future.

We arrived in Stockholm at midday and I’d already booked tickets for us to get to the central station using the Arlanda Express which is a express train getting up to 200km/hr!


We made our way to the Air BnB we’d rented which was in Södermalm and met our host who gave us some pointers on where to go. After settling in, we set off to wander around our local neighbourhood for a couple of hours, stopping for a late lunch and picked up a few things from the grocery store. We were pretty tired from the early start so stayed in that night to get some sleep and recharge for the next day.

First up, we hunted down some coffee and breakfast in the district of Slussen before jumping on the Red Sightseeing Hop-On-Hop-Off bus tour.


It was a great way to get our bearings and take in the view from the top of the double decker bus. We got off about a hour into the tour in a area that had a market and lots of shops. We wandered around, checking everything out, stopped for a delicious muffin and then decided we would walk to a vintage store called Old Touch which had been recommended to us.


On the way, we found a Beyond Retro store which had a surprisingly good selection! Beyond Retro is like a vintage chain store and I’ve been to a few in London but been pretty disappointed by the lack of anything older than 1970s. This one in Drottninggatan was actually really good! I found a gorgeous wool cape which I couldn’t resist buying and there were some beautiful 50s dress which I would have snapped up had they been my size.


We continued up to Old Touch, which was a gorgeous wee shop with a beautiful selection of vintage clothing, homeware and accessories. I absolutely fell in love with a black dress with velvet accents but alas, it was teeny tiny!

By this time, we were getting pretty hungry for some lunch but I wanted to go somewhere with a view! So we made our way back to Strandvägen which is a road along the waterfront that we’d thought looked rather fabulous during our bus tour. We found a restaurant and sat overlooking the water, basking in the sun eating pizza and drinking wine. I must have said to Matt “how beautiful is this” about a million times.

One thing I really loved was that because of how far north Stockholm is, the sun never gets very high and the whole day has that gorgeous romantic feeling of a setting sun.


After that, I hunted down the nearest Hair Salon that was still open and got a wash and blowdry (a favourite treat of mine while on holiday) and that happened to be around the corner from Sephora! Huzzah! There wasn’t much I needed and I don’t tend to try new things if what I’m currently using is working for me but I did buy the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation and Primer since I’ve been confused about what shade to buy and was waiting to try in store. I also stocked up on another Makeup Forever Waterproof White Liner for my waterline and one of their lipsticks which has been a all time favourite.


We headed back to our apartment to get ready for the evening- we had a table booked at Melt Bar and Restaurant which is a 3 story prohibition speakeasy. From the outside, the door only has a gold ‘M’ so you have to know what you are looking for. When you go in there’s a bar and tables but the velvet curtain to the left of the bar reveals a staircase down to the rest of the venue! It was such fun! The downstairs has another bar serving up amazing cocktails!


I tend to get a bit overwhelmed by a cocktail list so when the first one I tried (The Flapper, a strawberry champagne fusion) was delicious, I stuck to it for the rest of the night.

On Friday’s and Saturday’s there’s random live performances throughout the night. There were a couple of burlesque acts as well as some of the waitstaff getting up on stage to sing – and they were all really good!

We had a sleep in and a rather lazy start to the day but eventually headed out to catch the train Gamla Stan which is a small island in between our island and the main one. It’s the Old Town and I was keen to spend some time exploring it’s cobblestone streets. After a couple of hours of weaving our way through the historic town, we found ourselves walking along to another small island of Skepsholmen and admiring the view across the water.



We made our way back onto Gamla Stan and into the square Stortorget where the Nobel Peace Prize Museum is. There were several restaurants so we picked one to have a late lunch at while watching the world go by. Matt gets a little impatient with just sitting and people watching, but I love it! While it was meant to be lunch, I couldn’t resist having and slice of warm Rhubarb Pie and a White Hot Chocolate!



After a little bit more exploring we headed back to our apartment as my feet and ankles were absolutely killing me after a hours of walking on cobblestones! We were planning on heading out again for dinner and try a local restaurant we had walked past but once I sat down, I didn’t want to get up again so Matt ventured out for Indian Takeaways.

Our last full day in Stockholm! We set off reasonably early to go to the Swedish Historical Museum but made the rookie mistake of not checking if it was open… turns out a lot of Museums are closed on Monday! So we found breakfast and planned what we would do instead. We came across a beautiful restaurant with chandeliers and amazing woodwork that served cooked breakfast which seems quite rare in Sweden. With a belly full of eggs benedict and coffee we set off to go vintage shopping.


First up was Beyond Retro Zinken since the other one had been into had been so great! This one didn’t have the same amount of midcentury items which was a bit disappointing so we continued on to hunt down Daisy Dapper and Sivletto which were only a short walk apart from eachother.

Daisy Dapper is a adorable shop and had a mix of their own house brand and some others like Hell Bunny and Collectif. I was super tempted to get myself one of the new season Emmy Cardigans they stocked but restrained myself.


About a 10 minute walk away was Sivletto which came very highly recommended. It was pretty neat, you go through a door and are immediately met with a spiral staircase that leads you to a huge underground shop with a tiki style coffee bar, clothing and even a barber shop. Matt had wanted to get his hair cut but we didn’t realise he needed to book so unfortunately that didn’t happen.

They had a really great range of menswear and I know Matt could have easily gone crazy in there if our budget and baggage space allowed! The women’s section was really great too with a lot of older season items which have sold out online. I finally had the opportunity to try on the Freddies of Pinewood Dungarees which didn’t really work on my shape but I did get a old season Emmy sweater!

After we left Sivletto, we weren’t sure what to do next! So we made the snap decision to go on the 3pm boat tour and quickly headed back to the train as we didn’t have lots of time to get there.


It was a really wonderful way of seeing the city and the audio guide gave us lots of random historical facts that we weren’t aware of previously. With the blue sky and setting afternoon sun, the view was rather spectacular!

For dinner that night we got off the train a stop before our station to Slussen and found a restaurant with outdoor seating and a cozy heater. Delicious food and a few glasses of wine, it was a lovely way to spend our last evening in beautiful Stockholm.

Since our flight wasn’t until 5.15pm, we had a bit of time during the day to see some more sights. Luckily our Air BnB host was very relaxed about what time we checked out so we left our bags there to collect later.

First up, Cinnamon Buns! We were yet to try them and it was National Cinnamon Bun Day so there was no excuse. We bought some from a bakery and sat in a park – and I really didn’t want to go home!


From there, we made our way to the Swedish History Museum since our attempt the day before had failed and Matt really wanted to see the Vikings exhibition. It was rather small but full of amazing artifacts which is quite phenomenal give how old they all were.

Finally, there was just one more vintage shop I wanted to check out that had been recommended – 59 Vintage Store. Unfortunately when we got there, it was closed! I asked a passerby to translate the note for me just in case they had popped out of the shop for half an hour but it was to be closed the whole week. It looked like it would have had the best selection of midcentury vintage that we had come across so that was a shame.


After chilling out and writing postcards to friends and family back home, it was time to make our way back to the apartment and pick up our bags to go to the airport. We did have a rather stressful 20 minutes after posting the keys back through the door and I realised our passports were still inside! I couldn’t get hold of our host to let us back in but Matt ended up being able to hook the keys with a tree branch… only to discover the passports weren’t inside but in his backpack all along! Luckily we didn’t run too late getting to the airport and off we flew back home.

Our time in Stockholm was so beautiful and such fun, we really enjoyed ourselves and can’t wait to explore more of Scandinavia. The public transport system in Stockholm was amazing, so easy to use and navigate, it definitely made everything a lot easier and cheaper!

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  1. I’ve been to Gothenburg and Malmo but not Stockholm, it’s definitely on my ‘to visit’ now though 🙂

    I bet you’d really enjoy Copenhagen, Denmark. There’s a wonderful amusement park called Tivoli Gardens right in the heart of the city. It’s the second oldest in the world and inspired Walt Disney to create Disneyland. It has lots of beautiful old fashioned rides and it’s bursting with colour!

  2. Very cute video and it’s so nice to also read about your stay in Stockholm 🙂 My friend suggested very recently we should go since we can easily go by a cruise ship from Finland, but that means I should get a passport and preferably stay over night somewhere. There are so many shops I want to visit and 4 hours just won’t be enough!

  3. Such a nice blog post<3 I'm from Finland and about to go to Stockholm in few weeks and this was a great thing to read before heading there. Because I'm only going to be there a day I need to make a good plan where to go and I'm definietly going to those vintage stores you recommended! I also highly recommend you to visit here in Finland/Helsinki! I'm happy to help you if you want any recommendations or guiding where to go here in Helsinki:)


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