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Vintage Hair Essentials + Giveaway with Sable Fine Hair

One of the most common questions I get is about where to start with vintage hairstyling. It can be a little daunting as it’s so different to modern-day styling and the tools you use are really important.

I’ve teamed up with the fabulous people at Sable Fine Hair to create a guide for those of you starting out and wanting to know what the essentials are for beginning the journey of vintage styling. They have a fantastic range on their website, a few things were suggestions made by me a while back and the majority are items that I personally use!

Firstly, the MOST essential thing in my opinion is your combs and brushes.

You need a tail comb for not only easy and tidy sectioning but also for your teasing/backcombing! I would be lost without my tail comb! This Goldilocks Fine Tooth Tail Comb one is the exact one I’ve been using for years, it’s heat resistant so you don’t have to worry about using it with curling tongs or irons.


Along with that, I also couldn’t survive without a Postiche Brush! This little brush is perfect for smoothing over sections you’ve just backcombing without undoing all your hard work.


Now it’s not often that I’ll use a actual full size brush when styling my hair but of course it’s good to have one. Most of the time I’ll use one when I’m wanting softer curls or to brush my hair out at the end of the day. A Boar Bristle Cushion Brush is great for gently brushing the hair (especially if it’s full of hairspray) without yanking or damaging it. You can also use this to smooth over backcombing but I do find that easier with a Postiche.


Next, you need some sectioning clips! There are three different types of clips that I ensure I always have because they all have their different uses.

These Crocodile Sectioning Clips have been a favourite of mine for years and I used to guard them ferociously back when I worked in a salon. Perfect for sectioning away your hair when you are working on a something like a Victory Roll, these big fellas won’t let you down and release hair right when you are in the middle of something!


Duckbill Clips are essential if you are wanting to sculpt your hair into fingerwaves or help to create that ‘dent’ in your brush-out for a pageboy look. Pro-tip: They can create little marks in the hair after you’ve removed them so tear a strip of tissue and use that inbetween the clip and your hair to avoid this.


Dinky Clips (or pin curl clips) are really good if you are planning on doing sponge roller sets. You can use them to help anchor the roller down or give pincurling your hair a try!


Bobby Pins are a no-brainer for your pinup hair kit and don’t just depend on the cheap ones… they won’t hold anything! Try just sliding them in without prior opening for a more invisible hold.


There are many ways to set your hair but one of my preferred and budget friendly methods is Sponge Rollers! You don’t even necessarily have to use them on wet hair, have a play around with putting them in dry overnight – it will all depend on your hair type and how well it curls but I’ve had great success with dry sets. Sponge rollers can be a little tricky to get the knack of so have a read through my tutorial series on the subject.


The absolute KEY to making your sponge roller sets more bearable to sleep on is by wrapping them! This prevents the rollers from moving around, pulling your hair and coming out. This triangular Setting Scarf is made specifically to wrap sets with a little bit of stretch so it’s nice and comfy.


Finally, there’s of course styling products which are going to assist you in the process of styling and also hold and longevity of your do’.

I’m a huge fan of Italian brand Davines after working with it for years so these are my top three styling products.

Sea Salt Spray is a fantastic product for spraying on your roots when your hair is still wet, prior to drying or wet-setting. It gives your roots a bit of body and grit so that when you go to backcomb, it works a treat.


Hairspray is of course a absolute essential! What would I do without it? For years I have loved the Davines Strong Hairspray (and just about had a meltdown when they repackaged it and I thought they’d changed it) as it’s a super strong lacquer type stray with oodles of shine.


Another great product to have is something to smooth and de-frizz. You don’t want it to be too stick or dry hard and that’s why I love the Davines Invisible Serum. With just enough hold and shine to tame fly-aways but not too much that you hair becomes a sticky mess. A few drops from this little tube of goodness is all you need!


So there you go! Those are the essential items that I would be lost without! Of course there’s a few more bits and pieces that I love but this list is the bare necessities to create any vintage style and what I will usually take away on holiday with me.

*giveaway now closed* The lovely team at Sable Fine Hair have put together a special starter pack to give away to one lucky winner!
It contains:


1x Tail Comb
1x Postiche Brush
1x Cushion Brush
2x packs of Sponge Rollers
1x Davines Invisible Serum
1x Hair Net
A selection of Crocodile Clips, Duckbill Clips, Dinky Clips, Bobby Pins and French Pins

To enter simply subscribe to Miss Victory Violet and leave a comment on this post. The winner will be drawn using a random number generator. Please read the full Terms and Conditions below.

And the winner is… Caitlin! ([email protected]). Thank you all for entering and for your lovely feedback on this post, I’m so glad you found it helpful! 

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Giveaway end date: 19/10/2016 10am (GMT)
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This giveaway is for a hairstyling pack provided by Sable Fine Hair. Prize is not redeemable for cash. Open to entries from all countries but Miss Victory Violet and Sable Fine Hair are not responsible for any duties or import taxes the winner may incur. 
Prize pack is sponsored by Sable Fine Hair who are responsible for final postage and correspondence. 
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  1. Wow! I am taking the plunge to get into styling my hair in vintage styles on a regular basis and this prize would be a great help to me I am sure! Thanks so much for giving us an opportunity to win all this wonderful stuff! 🙂

  2. Dinky clips are amazing!! I remember learning finger waves at hairdressing school, finding dinky clips stuck to the hem of my shirt almost every day.

  3. That’s a lovely Give Away! Was just wondering though….Do you ever use a curling iron? Normally I pincurl my hair before I go to sleep so my curls stay longer. In 10 days I will go to the UK on holiday and a 1940’s event (Pickering ^_^) I probably wont have time to pincurl each night. And I noticed that the iron I have (25mm) the curls never stay in place. Any recommendations?

  4. This would be great for me, I’ve only attempted 1 roll so far and have just been sticking to the one thing I can do so far haha but if I win I’ll be playing around with it all for sure

  5. Awesome give away! Thank you especially for the list of products you yourself use, it really helps someone whose really getting into vintage-styling her own hair. So thank you oodles much!

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  8. I love this giveaway 🙂 and I follow your page for a quite time now. So, keeping my fingers crossed 😀 Kind regards, Amra

  9. Do you always use the same size rollers? I’ve had trouble finding the right size for my hair type. I’ve got thick coarse hair and my set never is fully dry in the mornings even with use of a blow dryer

  10. I’m a total newbie to vintage hairstyling…to any hairstyling actually! I’m in a ponytail everyday cos I just have no idea what to do with my hair! This starter kit is a real treat to noobs like me!

  11. I would love to win that giveaway as I find it really hard to find some of those pieces in my city that aren’t poor quality!

  12. What a great giveaway! I have so little hairstyling products and no hairspray anymore (i’m kinda broke haha…) so if I was to win this, I would be soooo thrilled! Hope luck hits me! ♥

  13. I have been wearing 50s and 40s clothes for years but I have never really got into those hair. (I have naturally curly hair.) But I purchased my first sponge rollers recently. Honestly I feel like I am physically uncapable to do a vintage hairstyle. Love any advices like this!

  14. This is such a fabulous giveaway!! I’m currently growing out my super short cut and am aiming to achieve a vintage style so this will definitely help me.

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  17. I have an appointment to cut of my long hippie-hair to be able to do cute 40’s hairstyles to go with my clothes. So, thanks for the help, I really need that stuff! I have subscribed <3 Denise

  18. Great choice of products! Your hair is so amazing every time! I use hot rollers and lots of hair spray, but my hair is always getting out of shape, especially when i go out. How do you keep your hair in shape?

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  20. Such a great article and giveaway! Im so used to working on wigs for work it would be a blast to get my own kit and practice on myself- thanks for the informative article

    • Not at all, it’s a Italian brand so worldwide! There are definitely stockist in Australia but it is certainly more of a boutique brand so not quite so common 🙂

  21. That is a brilliant give away. Plus the article is a great starting point for the innocents that are just starting to try and live the pin up lifestyle.

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    Plus what a generous giveaway!

  25. I would love to win this kit. I’m a beginner and I just started learning vintage hairstyles. It would be a pleasure to receive this pack because I sometimes can’t find the right products on Amazon or in the local shops (which aren’t really well equipped). I hope I will be lucky enough!

  26. A wonderful read that I’ll be referring to customers when asking about hair! Thank you Ella! (Not going in the draw xx)

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  28. Oh, thank you thank you for making this list! I found you only three moths ago when I started looking for a new pinup wardrobe. Your posts introduced me to a world of new vintage boutiques I never knew existed! As a woman who struggles with styling my fine, frizzy mess of a hair (it’s more or a static-charged bird’s nest than hair most days) I’m thrilled to find an easy to follow list and tutorials to help me approximate the vintage style if not successfully reproduce it!

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  56. Thank you for this giveaway. I love your blog and even though i’m new the vintage style, you have inspired me to cut my hair shorter so i can style it the vintage way which is what i have wanted to do for areally long time now 🙂

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  58. What a treat, I would love to be so lucky. <3 I try everyday to perfect my style, and look to you my roll model Miss Victory Violet. I would love to be able to do my hair like you, God I try. These things would surely help me on my path <3 Thank you for the opportunity, to come a little closer to the perfect hair setting. .

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    Great giveaway, I’m a newbie so these items are a must have

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    X Gretchen

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