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I LOVE CHRISTMAS! It’s definitely my favourite holiday, I love the lights and decorations, getting together with family and friends and I even love Christmas songs!

This will be my first Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere which makes me extra excited. Back home in New Zealand, it’s summer (well, some years not so much!) so much different to what’s universally considered to be a traditional Christmas. Instead of snow, hot roasts, mulled wine and hideously adorable sweaters, we have barbecues, head to the beach and some families even go camping over the Christmas break.

We will actually be in Dublin at my Mum’s place for Christmas day itself but I’ll be trying to see and do as much London Festivities as possible in December. I can’t wait to try some egg-nog, go ice-skating at Hampton Court Palace and visit Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.

I’m ridiculously excited about the prospect of being able to wear kitchy Christmas things that are actually seasonally appropriate, and so for the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be sharing some of my favourite Christmas items for those of you who want to dress up in the spirit of the season!

First up, I’m starting small with accessories as one can’t overlook the importance of adding some extra detail to your outfit. It’s also a cheaper way to adding that festive flair to your existing wardrobe. And regarding Coco Chanel’s mantra of taking one accessory off before leaving the house in case of ‘over-doing it’… I personally feel that you really can’t over-do Christmas!

Now, bear in mind that you don’t have to have Rudolf hanging from your ears to look festive. My Christmas style involves lots of glitter and sparkles so you’ll be seeing a lot of that over these upcoming posts!


1. Lola Ramona Stiletto Cherry Heel
2. Irregular Choice Nicely Festive
3. Miss L Fire Lux Boot in Black
4. BAIT Footwear Robbie Heel in Green Starlet


1. Vintage Lucite Purse from Etsy
2. SummerBlueJewelry  Pine Tree, Pine Over Me Brooch
3. Splendette Gold Clear Starburst Earrings
4. Lilien-Czech Princess Necklace Set
5. Bow and Crossbones Gold Plated Hoops
6. Splendette Assorted Clear Starburst Bangles


1. SopisticatedFlowers Christmas Poinsettia
2. SHMillinery Festive Fascinator
3. The Pink Collar Life Shanghai Bordeaux Turban
4. Shazam Pinup Flowers Emerald Green Lily


1. Deer Arrow *Coming Soon*
2. Erstwilder Now, Prancer Brooch
3. SummerBlueJewelery A Holly Jolly Christmas Brooch
4. Shazam Pinup Flowers Vintage Gold Cherry Pin
5. Erstwilder Seasonal Symmetry Brooch

Stay tuned for more posts in this series coming in the next few weeks and subscribe below to have it delivered straight to your inbox!


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  1. Hi Ella! Lovely post as always! Welcome to the north hemisphere haha. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the snowy weather, specially during christmas time. Unfortunately for me, where I live we never get any snow, just lots of rain.
    Do you think you could do a comprehensive post about your coat collection? I love seeing your winter outfits, and I would really like your opinion on the best coats available (I know the pearl is a favourite!).
    Lots of love from portugal

    (If I’ve posted this twice feel free to delete it, my Internet is being difficult today)

  2. Welcome to Christmas in London, I have my own yearly traditions, the Southwalk Christmas market, Borough market breakfasts, seeing the Christmas windows in Harrods and tea from Fortnum and Masons… I hope you love it!

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