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The Dolores Slingback Heel

Royal Vintage Shoes has been one of the leading online vintage shoes resellers for a few years now. They stock all of the best vintage reproduction brands like Miss L Fire, BAIT Footwear, Chelsea Crew and now they’ve created their very own range!
It’s super exciting because all the styles in the Royal Vintage Collection are more true vintage looking than the slightly modernized styles of the likes of BAIT (which are still great!) and so go perfectly with more true vintage or muted winter attire.

Out of the 7 styles, it was the Dolores 1940s Slingback Shoe that really caught my eye. I have quite the penchant for 1940s styling but my shoe collection are more 1950s. The asymmetrical design, slingback, 3″ heel and platform and faux alligator leather is everything you would want in a 1940s shoe. It really does look authentic it the period.

It was a bit of a tough decision between the green and the brown but I knew how much use I would get out of the brown so that’s what I picked. The green is still high on my wishlist though!

I was a little nervous about sizing since shoes need to fit *just* right. There’s not the same amount of leeway with shoes as with clothes and ordering online can be risky business! However, the benefit of Royal Vintage Shoes also stocking other brands, is that I could check with customer service about how the sizing of the Dolores compares to BAIT Footwear which I am almost always a size 8.5 in. They recommended I go with a 8.5 in the Dolores and it’s the perfect fit.

When they arrived, I was impressed to see that the footbed has a inbuilt leather arch support. It’s not super padded but it’s a comfort detail that I really appreciate in a shoe. Thanks to the wider, medium height heel, the Dolores are a breeze to walk in. The only discomfort I experienced was slight tightness on the top of my foot when first worn but this area will stretch over time since it’s genuine leather.

The small peep toe gives the vintage look but there’s no need to worry about wearing stockings or pantyhose with them as you won’t be able to see. Definitely a plus in my book!

The price of the Dolores 1940s Slingback Shoe is US$150 which is due to the quality and materials used. I can tell that these shoes will last well to wear and tear and the texture of the leather will help hide any scuffs. Check out the rest of the Royal Vintage Shoes Collection here – there really are some gorgeous styles!

Thank you to Nicole Engelmann Photography for the photos, stay tuned for my review of the gorgeous Isadora Coat by Hell Bunny soon!

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Disclaimer: While these shoes were gifted to me, I never accept anything that I do not truly love and all opinions expressed are honest and my own. The integrity and honesty of my blog is very important to me as are my readers.

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  1. Beautiful shoes, really want the green ones and I took a look at the link and fell in love the Marilyn’s. Would appreciate a future review on them as well! Shoes are the one item I don’t mind spending a bit more on, especially if they are made to last and are comfortable.

  2. Their nice! But Remix Vintage Shoes have a better range and cheaper price for genuine leather shoes. In regards to B.a.i.t footwear… They are made of the cheapest material and it starts to peel, crack and disintegrate after just one wear. I was sooooo disappointed with them. Especially for the price.

  3. Beautiful shoes, but I’d have to pay so heavy custom fees I probably won’t be able to buy them… Either way, gorgeous and I love the alligator look. Something different especially compared to BAIT shoes, which have beautiful colors, but the material feels and looks like plastic. I love my pair of Ione shoes, but there’s nothing I love more than genuine leather shoes!

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