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Golden Leaves with Chotronette

I first became aware of Romanian brand Chotronette a year or two ago when I stumbled across their beautiful floating floral dress which ended up going a little viral and really catapulted them into the spotlight.

Chotronette do lots of stunning other styles which have a slight vintage flair thanks to the full swing skirts and lots of romantic lace used. When they approached me to ask if I’d like to pick out a dress to try, I found it very difficult to choose! A big part of me wanted to go for their slightly more versatile plain lace dresses like the Mint Lemonade or Strawberry Frappe but knowing that I would be posting this blog around Christmas time, I thought I’d choose something a little more festive!

The Chocolate Delice is a black swing dress adorned with opulent golden leaves. It has a that Christmas vibe but still completely wearable for the rest of the year!

I found the quality and construction of this dress to be really high, which was what I was hoping for. One of the great about this dress is that it has a built in petticoat that is actually substantial! A pet peeve of mine is when companies add in a petticoat to the dress without actually making it worth the time or extra money they’ll inevitably charge. What’s worse is when the petticoat somehow doesn’t allow for you to add your own underneath… so annoying!

Chotronette thankfully has none of these problems as the petticoat is very voluminous with a good amount of poof on it’s own. Me being me, I still added my trusty Samantha Petticoat from Malco Modes underneath but not really out of necessity- more in fact because it was only 4° Celsius at the time of this shoot so I needed the extra insulation!

The great thing about Chotronette is that everything is made to measure so you can specify your measurements. I found the fit of this custom dress to be on the tighter side but the benefit of that combined with the molded cups at the bust was that I could get away with not wearing a bra!

You can also customize small elements of the dress – for instance, the original design had a row of gold leaves across the neckline and around the scoop neck of the dress. I requested the row along the top to be removed but leave the row around the scoop neck. My request was a little lost in translation and the opposite row was removed however customer service was very quick to respond and we decided that the simplest thing to do was for them to send me a new row that I could sew on. Unfortunately it didn’t arrive in time for this shoot but I don’t think it matters!

This dress is now sold out (sorry ladies!) but there is a equally gorgeous ivory version ‘Clair De Lune Cake’ as well as many other beautiful designs!

Full Outfit Details
Dress | Chotronette
Shoes | BAIT Footwear
Hair Piece | Shazam Pinup Flowers
Petticoat | Malco Modes

Thank you very much to David Fisk Photography for these beautiful photos – we really did find the most appropriate spot in all of London for this dress!

Have a Merry Christmas from me and my family to yours <3

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Disclaimer: Whilst this dress was gifted to me, I never accept anything that I do not truly love and all opinions expressed are honest and my own. The integrity and honesty of my blog is very important to me as are my readers.

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  1. That dress, the environment, and beautiful you made a perfect shoot! I looked at their site and was blown away! These are dream dresses, I could not pick a favorite. With each page my list grew. I can see why you had such a hard time picking one. Yet again, a fantastic review. Many warm wishes to you and yours as well during this holiday season.

  2. Just BEAUTIFUL! I have had my eye on Chotronette for awhile now. Someday, if/when I get married, I am definitely picking one their dresses for my reception/fun dress! How can I resist!?

  3. Once again, beautiful! You are beautiful, the dress, your well chosen accessories and the setting. It looks like your dreams are coming true. I’m very happy for you and Matt! <3

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