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My Haircut with Lucie Luella

As a hairdresser, it can be hard to trust your hair in the hands of someone else! Coupled with the fact that a vintage cut is very specific and not something all modern stylists ‘get’, it has meant that for the last few months I’ve been trimming my own hair in the shower!

It was time for me to see someone else as my hair desperately needed a reshape and since Lucie Luella guest spots at Hula in London once a month (she’s got her own salon in Manchester called I love Lucie), I knew that this was the perfect opportunity!

Lucie not only has fantastic styling skills but she’s also a talented colourist and cutter. As someone who is into the vintage style herself, she knows how to best cut the hair for the ultimate vintage set.

A lot of you will have heard of the ‘Middy’ haircut which is a classic cut method from the 40s and 50s. In reality, this haircut is actually so super layered that there’s no way I (or most other ladies) would actually want a true middy. So, Lucie gave me her variation of it!

My ends were feeling pretty dry so she took about 1.5-2″ off the back but much more through the front to give me that classic horseshoe or ‘U’ shape. She added a long layer through the back which helps with enhancing the curls when set without becoming too choppy and then set my hair with curling tongs before brushing it out in a glorious pageboy style.


My hair feels so much better for having a decent cut and it was so fun to be a client in a salon for once and have a good old natter with Lucie!

I thought it would be fun to ask Lucie Luella 10 quick-fire questions because she’s such a fun, interesting lass!

Three words that describe you?
Feminist, Silly and Compassionate
Ultimate hair-spiration?
That’s a tough one as I tend to go through phases/era’s . I would say my biggest inspiration is Tony Medina/ His Vintage Touch, every head of hair he touches is magic! His work is sexy, sassy and fierce
Most precious thing you own?
I don’t hold materialistic values so I would say the most precious things in my life are my two cats Dolly & Bettie. They’re super naughty but I love them lots
All-time favorite hair product?
Oh no there’s so many. A girl cannot live without a strong hold hairspray but I have to say 2016 is all about Olaplex. It’s been a career changer it’s revolutionized how we colour and process hair! It’s pure magic in a bottle.
Currently watching on Netflix?
Always RuPaul’s Drag Race but I also just finished The Lobster (not sure what to think about that one).
Modern-day muse? (not just for hair)
 Being a hairdresser I meet new people everyday and I’ve seen my clients go through so much: breakups, marriage, you name it! Real everyday women who are battling on and are strong, getting through life are my muses. They inspire me to keeping going and remind me how much we are all capable of!
Best vintage bargain
In my salon I have a pastel pink chrome and silver original late 50s/early 60s hood dryer unit complete with styling chairs. I found them on eBay for an absolute steal and made my boyfriend drive for 5 hours to collect them.
Favorite vintage diva?
There’s too many to choose from! I love following Lori Jades outfit posts (@greyhoundvintage) because damn can that girl put a outfit together.
Dream holiday destination?
Up until April, it was Brazil and I was so lucky to be flown out there for a business opportunity! The whole trip was paid for and we even flew 1st class and a designated driver for the week to take us anywhere around São Paulo it was like a dream come true!
Couldn’t live without?

Hot Sauce. I swear I have to bring my own to a restaurant just in case they are out!

If you’d like to have your hair done by Lucie Luella, you can visit her in Manchester at I Love Lucie or at Hula Nails in London once a month.

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  1. Love the cut! I feel your pain in trying to find a stylist that understands 50/40’s hair styles. For now I am growing my locks out. You really make me want to move to the UK, with all the modeling and fantastic finds and shops, it seems to be a retro girls dream! If only we had more vinatge stylist here in Oklahoma! The interview was interesting and I love the vintage hair dryers and chairs! As always thanks for a great read.

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