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The Isadora Coat by Hell Bunny

One thing I love about winter fashion is the fabulous coats! Having a few coats that you love is something I think is a very important part of your wardrobe. The cold weather of winter inevitably means that you’ll be covering up your gorgeous outfits with a coat 80% of the time so it’s nice to have a statement coat that’s equally as gorgeous.

The Isadora Coat (renamed from Elvira)  by Hell Bunny is a stunning statement coat, that suits the pinup and vintage style perfectly while still being practical. It’s made from a lined, polyester/wool blend, features faux fur trims, pockets, self covered buttons and a large hood. The skirt features several pleats to help create fullness at the hem and there’s more than enough room to fit a full swing skirt and petticoat underneath this coat.

I get a lot of questions about dressing warm for winter while still maintaining the pinup style. I’ll be honest, most of the vintage style coats I’ve got or come across, including this one, aren’t terribly warm. Don’t get me wrong, they definitely are toasty and work as good windbreakers but in most cases you’ll be wanting to wear several layers underneath as well. Usually when I’m going to be out in the London cold, I’ll be wearing a long sleeve top or dress with one of my Emmy cardigans and if it’s really cold, a thermal top underneath all that.

What is great about the style of the Isadora is that the length helps to keep your bottom and thighs toasty and the fur around the cuffs adds a bit of extra insulation.

The hood is a large one that I’m grateful to be satin lined because that means that it not only helps stop your hair from getting messed up when the hood is up, but also when down. One thing I find with any of my coats that have a fur collar, it really can mess up my hair if it’s down in a set. So, the Isadora has become my go-to coat when I need to preserve my curls as they move easily over the satin lining of the hood.

I’m wearing the size medium which is the size that I tend to go for in most Hell Bunny Styles. It’s not a snug fit because I wanted to make sure I had plenty of room for layers especially in the arms. Despite being a bit of a looser fit, I in no way feel like the shape isn’t flattering and I sometimes add a belt at the waist to cinch that in.

Love wearing bangles? Good news! I find I can easily get this coat on and off over my bangles with no trouble which is such a plus! A couple of my other coats I have to take all my bangles off to get the coat on/off because the width of the cuffs are too small.

The quality and construction of the Isadora feels really good, the buttons are sewn on sturdily and the only thing I’d have liked different in this coat is to just have one more button at the bottom as I feel like they end a bit high.

Full Outfit Details
Dress | Hell Bunny
Shoes | Royal Vintage Shoes
Earrings | Meteor Jewelry Co.
Belt | Thrifted

The Isadora appears to have been very popular in this early winter season as it’s not only sold out on the Hell Bunny website but also on some of their stockists! RetroGlam has a couple of sizes left in the Camel so let’s hope that the Isadora makes a return soon as it really is a lovely style.

If you spy anything you like on the Hell Bunny website, use my special discount code to get 20% off!

Thank you to Nicole Engelmann Photography for taking these beautiful snaps at Holland Park where in between shots I was trying to coax the squirrels to be my friends! The Isadora coat went wonderfully with the last of the Autumn leaves.

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Disclaimer: Whilst this coat was gifted to me, I never accept anything that I do not truly love and all opinions expressed are honest and my own. The integrity and honesty of my blog is very important to me as are my readers.

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  1. I was so excited to see a review of this coat as I just purchased it in red! I am guessing the London winter is much colder than the weather we get here in Oklahoma because I find it to be just warm enough even when the wind is high. You touched on all the things I love about this coat and really the only thing I can add is I love the volume of the skirt because it acts as a blanket when you sit and your legs stay toasty at out door events and, I really love the fur edging as well, its soft and has a pretty shine to it. I am looking forward to getting this coat in other colors as well as soon as they come available in my size. Thanks so much for the discount and a great review! Your pictures are lovely.

  2. I am debating between the Isadora coat and the Collectif Pearl coat. Since you have both do you have a preference? The styles are very similar with the hood being the one glaring difference I can see. Your thoughts would be much appreciated.

  3. Hey Ella, I was wondering if you have ever done a post about what you do for Winter wear? Just interested in what you do underneath your outer clothes and if layering is really the key or if you’ve found a different way to combat the very cold temperatures from moving to England last year.
    I’m from Australia but have travelled to cold countries in Winter before and being so inexperienced found it incredibly difficult to juggle being practical but also wanting to look nice too.
    Thanks 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for the discount code, I’ve been eyeing up this coat since November but couldnt justify the cost, now with the code it brings it into budget for me! So happy…

  5. This coat is so pretty! I feel like a Disney princess in it!

    I have the Elvira to compare to, so I can offer a mini-review to those looking for advice before purchasing from different stockists: they renamed this seemingly identical coat to Isadora because the fabric is different. The Isadora has a much more “fluffy” texture to it (a hair magnet, for all you animal lovers thinking of buying). It does feel the same in terms of keeping out the cold, but the Isadora’s fabric is definitely more fleece-looking than the Elvira.

    As for size, I have a 27″ waist. I bought the Elvira in size S, which proved too loose unless I had on a very thick sweater. So if you wear lots of thick layers, go with Small. If however you wear long-sleeve blouses or shapely knitwear and you want that nipped waist va-va-voom silhouette – definitely go with the XS size! I kid you not, it immediately transports you into the Beauty & the Beast world. That Extra Small size makes all the difference in the waist, and the width across the shoulders still feels plenty comfortable so you don’t lose your range of mobility.

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