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On December 1st, Matt and I flew to Prague in the Czech Republic where we were meeting my Mum for 4 nights of relaxed winter fun!

We arrived later at night and after managing to navigate the Praha public transport (which was easier than expected!), we made it to our AirBnB which was situated only a few minutes walk to the gates of the old town.

After a glass of wine and a catch up with Mum, we decided to go for a midnight stroll and found the Christmas Markets! All the stalls had closed but what a sight the tree was in the town square. We realized that the tree was the one that Matt had spotted from the plane as we flew in- it was that brightly illuminated!

The next day we set off in search for a bus tour in order to get our bearings and a bit of a overview of Prague. We settled on a 2 hour tour that took us around the old part of the city, up to Prague Castle and several historical sights. We had 40 minutes at the top of the hill at Prague Castle before the bus departed again so since that wasn’t enough time to actually look around the castle, we sat outside with a cup of tea admiring the view. It was really quite cold but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and so the sun kept us from freezing.

That afternoon we explored more of the old town and later that day returned to the Christmas markets to see them in all their glory!

The following day we decided that we would walk the famous Charles Bridge over to the other side of the river. It was another stunning day but the temperature had dropped a little so we were thankful for thermals, gloves and big coats!

The walk over Charles Bridge is one of those things that you feel like you have to do as a visitor to Prague but really, the heaving amount of people on it mean that it’s almost nicer to just view it from afar. The statues lining it were interesting to look at and there were lots of craft vendors and buskers.

Once over the other side, we explored for a hour before finding a restaurant on the river overlooking Charles Bridge. I have to say, the food was incredibly delicious and it was nice to be in the warm for a while!

That evening we decided we would make sure that we went for dinner in the Old Town Square, at one of the places that had a good view of the Christmas Tree. The night before, we had walked into the square to the sight of the tree displaying a light show to musical accompaniment! We only just caught the end so we wanted to be able to watch the full show.

It happens every hour between 5.30-8.30 each night, a change from previous years when they used to do one big show to celebrate the opening of the markets. We managed to snag a table right outside in full view of the show and it was such fun! There was also a brass band performing Christmas carols from the top of the Old Town Hall Tower! It was pretty magical!

The next day was our last full day in Prague and I wanted to check out the Retro exhibition at the National Museum. It was smaller than I expected and I was a little disappointed that much of the clothing displayed wasn’t actually true vintage. However, it was still had lots of interesting things to look at and a few really special pieces.

From there, we walked about 10-15 minutes to hunt down a cafe I’d been recommended to check out. Karvana Kaaba is a cafe with some very 50s/60s styled interiors and furniture and it was a nice spot for a cup of tea in the warm! That afternoon we wound our way through all the little side streets in Praha 1, taking in the less touristy side of things.

For our last night in Prague, the three of us went for a incredible dinner inside the Municipal House. We were expected fine dining considering the beautiful interiors and location of the restaurant but we were blown away!

There was a pianist playing the entire night, right until we left (and we were the last ones to leave!), the staff and service were so friendly and attentive and the food? To die for! All of this combined with the absolutely stunning setting of opulence, chandeliers and wall fresco’s and it became a night to truly remember.

On the Monday morning we packed our bags, said our goodbyes to Mum who was flying out earlier in the day and went exploring again since we didn’t need to leave for the airport until 6pm.
I had a couple of ‘touristy’ things I still wanted to do so first up, we climbed to the top of the Old Town Hall Tower. It gave us a great view of the city and Old Town Square and I could see in the distance there were snowcapped trees… which got me very excited!

After a stop for lunch at The Hard Rock Cafe (we just really felt like burgers and fries), we then made our way to the Klementinum which has a old Baroque Library. The only way to view it is through a guided tour which was fine because I always prefer listening to someone telling me about the history over having to read signs.
The first part of the tour we got to view the the Mirror Chapel which was beautiful and is still used occasionally for concerts and even weddings.

Next, was the Baroque Library Hall which was such a sight to behold. You aren’t allowed to take any pictures or videos, even without the flash but here’s a stock picture so that you can see what I’m talking about.

It was like something out of a fairytale, all I wanted to do was jump the barrier and stroll around taking in the history but alas, we had to just admire it from afar which is understandable.

The final part of our tour was going up the Astronomical Tower which was built in 1722 and boasted another great view over Prague.

Once we had finished up at the Klementinum, we still had a couple of hours before needing to go to the airport so we walked to a cute cafe we’d previously spotted which was inside a old tram. After a couple of cups of tea (or coffee for Matt), we then made our way to the airport.

I was SO EXCITED to find that all the trees at the airport were covered in ice and snow! It was so pretty and my first glimpse at the winter ahead.

Our evening took a slight turn for the worst when it was announced after we boarded the plane that due to fog in London, our flight wouldn’t be taking off for another 2.5 hours and we had to stay on the plane!

But apart from that hiccup at the end of the trip, our time in Prague was really really lovely. It was great to get to catch up and hang out with Mum and whilst we didn’t do tons of ‘touristy’ things, sometimes it’s nice to just relax and get to know a city by walking it’s streets and finding your own attractions.

It was particularly fun being there at Christmas for the markets and I’m looking forward to exploring more of that part of Europe in the future!

Watch some highlights from our trip below, I didn’t take tons of video this time as the cold temperatures made my phone battery die really quickly but it gives a little taste of what we got up to.

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