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10 Free Self-Love Exercises

I’m a big believer in making the time to care for yourself mentally. A rested and healthy mind will manifest itself positively in all other aspects of your life. For me, something that is really important is having my down time and my favorite thing is to just watch a movie in bed with my husband. I’m a touch person so cuddles are always needed!

Sometimes, you can feel particularly fragile for one reason or another and might pine for some extra self-love activities. I’ve been feeling this way the last few weeks and while my go-to is to have a massage or a facial, I’m also trying to be very strict with my finances so I can save for some upcoming trips away.

So, I found myself trying to think of some self-love activities that are free to do and came up with this list. Most importantly though, listen to what your mind, body and soul are really calling out for. It might not be anything on this list as we are all different but maybe one of this will be a good start.

I always feel energized and grateful for what I have after going for a walk along the river nearby my house. Putting on your favorite tunes, breathing the fresh air and taking in the beauty of your surroundings can do wonders for your soul.

I do this regularly, music always makes me want to dance and there’s nothing more liberating than doing it in your underwear! I find it even helps to release frustrations of the day and I always feel great about my body afterwards, jigglying parts and all!

The process of doing my hair, makeup and putting on a pretty dress is an exercise of self-love for me and it always perks me up if I’ve spent a few days at home in my pajamas. It’s not superficial or vain to want to put effort in your appearance and for those of us who dress pinup, it can be a real confident booster!

Time to unwind and soak away any worries. Add some epsom salts to help release toxins or muscle pain- I know when I’m stressed, my neck and shoulders always hurt more.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself all the things you love about yourself. Don’t just focus on the physical – maybe you are really nurturing, patient, funny or generous. Tell them to yourself in the mirror and believe them.

Yes, comfort food! There’s a bit of a negative connotation around comfort food but I don’t see anything wrong with savouring your ultimate dish, especially if shared with a partner or friend.  While it’s good to bear in mind that nourishing your body with nutritious foods and vegetables is important, don’t get too caught up in making something ‘healthy’. If you heart is pining for some mac’n’cheese then make mac’n’cheese!

Pick up the phone and call your bestie, your mum or anyone else that you love and trust. If you are feeling isolated and alone, a friendly voice might help to ground you. Even better, meet up with them in person if you can!

If you are feeling down about your body, have a look through some Body Positive account on Instagram. My favorites are @bodyposipanda, @bodyimagemovement@ashleygraham, @selfloveclubb, @fullerfigurefullerbust and @yourstruelymelly and these amazing women show that you can love your body unconditionally!

If you are feeling ‘worthless’ or like a failure, set a small achievable goal. It might be something to do with work or perhaps your lifestyle like exercising 3 times a week,. The self-esteem boost when you are able to say you met that goal will be great and you can continue setting new ones.

When everything feels too hard, remembering all the positives in your life might help to put things into perspective. Write down all the things you are thankful for and stick it on your mirror or by your bed so it can continue reminding you.

Above all else, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Be honest with yourself and don’t try to sweep feelings under the rug. If you aren’t coping, tell a friend, family member or call a counselling helpline – lists helpline numbers for several major countries.

Lots of love,

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  1. Love this but hate that I can’t do much of this now. Nature walks are harder with wheels, my bath was taken out to put in an accessible shower, I can’t cook because of my siezures, and dancing is something I miss dearly!
    It just means I’ll have to try and concentrate on the others on the list!
    Thank you and Happy New Year! Xxx

  2. Thank you for posting this! I needed this very much this week. Also to Amy who replied above– sending love and supportive energy. Also, dancing in a wheelchair is totally possible — I did a pas de deux with a wheelie hottie in college. Don’t give up on positive vibes toward yourself and I hope everyone finds something to cheer them up inside and boost their self-esteem, we gotta’ keep the love like this post going and build each other UP MORE and MORE! MWAH!

  3. I have tacked all the birthday, mothers day, and valentine’s cards that I saved thru the years up on my bathroom wall. It’s the first room I go to in the morning, so after washing my face and waking up a bit, I stop to enjoy all the love of my family before I start my day. It’s the little things that keep us going sometimes. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas, and for your blog. Being a light to so many and sharing your life is not as easy as you make it look, but what you are doing is so positive and helpful. You are much appreciated!

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